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Some words are shared with Coloured slang, such as pozzie (in Durban) and let's waai. (As soon as I saw the police arrive, I left.). The Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans (van Wyk, 2003) says nè comes probably from Dutch : nie(t) waar, cites Boniface in 1832 recording "Hy zeg mus daar woord zoopies verkog, neh". In Durban, you score your dagga in kaartjies. When French Fries are thick and long and don’t go crispy in the oil. This means you are a complete idiot. Schuring, Gerhard K. 1993. So find a comfy spot in the sun, close your eyes and unwind. That's why lazy English speakers adopted only the 'broo' sound. (Waveski rider) The more affectionate term for someone who rides a paddle ski. Pronounced "snoop" (as in "look") in the same way as snoek. (I fell on my ass, or I saw my bum). Delicious. --List Expert 23:39, 4 August 2006 (UTC). This dope is so gooey, you have to use scissors. (Shark) This is a slightly outdated term referring to the surfers' nemesis: the shark. For example: ‘Yus what went down this arvie was slightly awkies hey, I mean naught bru, that dude was gnarly,’ translates to ‘something strange happened this afternoon with a weird guy’. Haw wena! Farmstyle sausage or "wors". Tearing It is simply a misspelling of the Cockney rhyming slang for "mate" - china (plate). — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A02:2788:1008:2C3:E2CB:4EFF:FE88:1A2C (talk) 00:10, 6 January 2021 (UTC), Attention: Slang Glossary policy discussion underway. (Afrikaans – snatch) Take something "I gapsed a piece of bread.". (Nice one) You are lank cool if you say "One time". Crush it Literal connatations with a variety of farm water pumps, windmills. (Vomit, bark the dog, park the tiger, technicoloured yawn), Blaps (Blups) "Eish. (shark) See also gerbe and Johnny. Many are not even South African specific. (Don't be a jerk) If your friend has just spewed over the side of your car, you would call indignantly "What kind? It is because Afrikaners directly translate their idiom into English. ", Safe (Afrikaans - Dry mouth) Normally associated with a cracked, parched mouth and thwollen tongue when you have thmocked too muth doobie. I would assume that the same holds for Afrikaans. e.g. angry, mean) Very angry, but also great, nice. Hyayibo! Dis ting (Hello there my friend! You seem them huddled in corners at night, wrapped in a blanket, wrapped around a bottle of booze. (Young surfer of school-going age) Can be shortened to Grom. mouth = mond (human), bek (animal) See also cooking, firing, pumping, smoking and going ballistic. Shame! Zol ('Zawl') "AAP – Girl/ Girlfriend" - This is completely incorrect. (Stoned, out of it, far gone) Perhaps a pun on the word "wasted" - "bru, we ended up way west after that spleef. (School is too much like hard work. (Dik, big, strong) "That prop forward is a staunch ou." Sif ('Suf') "Supers jacked up to 6' in an hour." A joint commonly rolled out of a piece of newspaper and stuck together with saliva. Bergwind "He got caught in the rip.". Joziboy 2 March 2006, 09:36 (UTC), You're sure that gesuip is derived from "animal drinking water", it sure looks like Dutch "zuipen", which according to primarily seems to mean "swig", (I know OK basic German, but my Dutch is slightly rudimentary, although it's much easier to read) 惑乱 分からん 00:40, 13 March 2006 (UTC). Bompie - A fat girl that is easy to get into bed. "doos" is not acceptable in standard language and hence is slang. (No mate! Aweh – A South African slang word used to acknowledge something or greet someone and is mainly used in the coloured community. foot = voet (human), poot (animal) Over the falls Scale Technicoloured yawn (Savvy) "Having a bit of suss", is to be quite sharp, knowledgeable or street-wise. Piece of snot stuck to one's face after a duck dive. South African Indian slang [edit] Many of these terms occur in the Cape Town and Durban areas, and few in “Dop” may have come from “doppie”, which is the cap of a screw-top bottle (one tot). Coloured is technically Black/African. Answer: "Ja, bru, it was hundreds.". (Dope pip) This is a quaint term for a small dagga seed, occasionally refers to other fruit and vegetable pips, but not often. May have originated in California from the line "one is the loneliest number you will ever do" by the band Three Dog Night (1969), Oke ('Oak'), ou, o (as in “owe) this might be the answer: "Fully bru. While the slang, like 'awe' and 'watkind', fashion and lifestyle of coloured people is increasingly becoming part of a cool aesthetic, it remains pop … See also Vai or Vaai. Bits of marijuana sucked through the gerrick into one's mouth. (Zulu expression) Surprise, bewilderment, shock. or "My car is classic." Check out Hagen Engler, the cool PE author with lank to choon about coastal slang. Betters At the Crayfish Factory on a 12' day, you don’t really want to spend time there. Boatman And boy, Cape Town’s slang is unique! (From Afrikaans “Tjoekie” - Jail) I was chucked in the chookie for chooning that chick who turned out to be a cop. Mullet You don't tell anyone you're on the way, you just rock up. laanies) liken to shorten their words. (Wimp, pansie, naff, weakling) "Don't be a wuss, it's only a 6 foot puffadder that's chewing on your leg.". Five bob was five shillings. Entjie (ang-key) "That spectacular wipeout at Super Tubes was a jol (rush).". )Another way of saying no, but also a sign of incredulous response. When you're styling, everything clicks into place and you find yourself surfing like Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and "insert-favourite-surfer-here" rolled into one. Wallace in Outspan 8 Apr. The Platteland is where people milk cows and grow mielies (corn). (Think, decide, work out) "I flash that it's cooking there bru." Don’t check me skeef. I surmise that User:Kuratowski's Ghost is appealing too much to the original coinage, which I would guess goes back to the Fifties at least, but has now completely disappeared from everyday usage. (You stupid person). Kaalgat (Kaal-g*at) (Broken surf) Waves that have long broken and are washing sedately along the shoreline. Try and refrain from saying, "It's fine, thanks". ), Dik (as in “dirk”) Page needs to be placed into a watch bin or something and cleaned-up or taken down. (A-1, affirmation, everything is cool) Popular, trendy word among young blacks, who also say "Sharpshoot" as a way of affirming something cool that's been said. Slip Slops Many township residents smoke tobacco this way. Skyfie ('Skay-fee') Sharp Carving Person with large ass (and thighs). Porsie ('Paw-z-y') If it all sounds a little confusing, remember: Durban (or eThekwini) slang is a collision of the fast talking swag of the Indian population, the slower more relaxed speech of the beach community and the gooing in of some powerful Zulu words to dala you into being a true Durbanite. If you get shacked off your pip, you get barrelled off your nut. to pinch) Shit off, bite the bullet. Broer ('Broo') (Good, higher quality) Another synonym for "lekker" as if that word didn't have enough uses. It has the appearance of wet plaster or drying cement, but is delicious when scooped through gravy (known as “Pap-en-Sous”. "So you're a surfer, hey?" These pages are visible to anyone in the world, including children. (Female genitalia) "That woman in the sleazy bar gripped her gwat. "You stupid poes". Waves that break right on the beach. (Afrikaans – “not bright”, “dull”) Stupid. And being genuinely sophisticated is not a disqualification. Loskop (This crap is low grade brother). We all do it... but as I said up there ^ the list is written badly]Jkjambsj (talk) 19:02, 14 August 2008 (UTC), chommie: in Afrikaans it would be written as tjommie, choon: Yes it comes from English tune (and that's how I imagine it when I say it) but if you really want to write in Afrikaans, it would be tjoen, droëwors: one word and diacritic symbol on the e (if it were two words it would literally mean dry sausage of any kind), ghoef: notice the "h" so that it is pronounced as the Afrikaans "gholf" (golf, the game) and not "golf" (wave). Languages Student Work South Africa. Seriously, when in doubt, just say “Ag shame” and your sentiment will be greatly appreciated. In a bilingual community, such as White South Africans, just like Canadians and Belgians, using each other's words with their real meaning is not slang. A kook is not necessarily a grommet, although a grommet can be a kook. ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. Dried, salted snoek can be eaten as is, or served in a stew called "smoor-vis". South Africa 48 female, 37, 1980, Coloured, Hout Bay (Western Cape) South Africa 49 male, 81, 1936, White, Napier (Western Cape) South Africa 50 female, 46, 1971, Coloured, Cape Town and the Transkei South Africa 51 female, 40, 1977, Xhosa, Queenstown (Eastern Cape) and Cape Town (Clothes, gear) "Jissus broer, you got lank marcha for the larney kittes ek se." Not weird, just different. Used by some people as a stand-alone expletive. But koppe, while literally being the plural of several heads, also refers to "heads" of dope, the choice bit at the end of each branch of the dagga tree. Wentworth is a coloured area of Durban, South Africa in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.It is located completely inside an area known as the South Durban Basin. A prime choice for connoisseurs. From the Afrikaans word los, which means 'lose'. Rush In those days, you bought "lids" and "cans" not grams or bankies like you do today. (Alone, solitary) "I was out there on my ace when someone shouted 'shark!'.". Action (Go to the toilet to defecate), Hap ('Hup') (Afrikaans – lit. A popular sight during the Apartheid struggle. (Hassle, hard work) "It's such a schlep working for someone. "He was on a plak when he dived off the roof." —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Igitur za (talk • contribs) 18:50, 27 February 2007 (UTC). Some Cape Coloured South Africans may code switch, [3] speaking a patois of Afrikaans and English called Afrikaaps also known as Cape Slang (Capy) or Kombuis Afrikaans, meaning Kitchen Afrikaans. Apart from meaning the fruit, South Africans use guava as an alternative name for a bottom, backside, bum or butt. "Solly is a snoop snoek.". (Rising swell, or organised person) "The surf is jacking up" (The surf is getting bigger). The diminutive version is bokkie, referring to a girlfriend or girl. Klippies and coke Spanspek The unfortunate term used to describe a kneeboarder. Smaak (Afrikaans - Bite) This Afrikaans word is commonly used by English speakers. Skommie Rave Skitsels So depending on what you mean by "belongs to", it could go either way (sure it comes from Afrikaans, but Indian people do use it). Platteland So find a comfy spot in the sun, close your eyes and unwind. A mixed race person or people, especially if the mix includes African and European, or an adjective describing these people. "Come, let's waai back to my porsie (place)." A cheery slang form of saying “Hello”. In other words, being able to remember what you did the night before. "His comments about being super hot are a bit dodge". Caroline van Looy. However, the behaviour of someone having a rage, or on a rage, is not dissimilar. (Beer) "Buy me a brew bru." (I tell you what mate, she is really into me! Shit man, I tune you what, it was going fucking ballistic!". (He was on some kind of weird trip when he dived off the roof.). Old word. This is where you don’t want to be when a huge set wave is breaking. (Dope, joint, spliff) "Let's make a doobie." (Mooning) When you pull your pants down and stick your ass in the air to show off your "brown eye". ", Gaffed According to the Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not Greek but Dutch. Someone who surfs really well. Sukkel ('Sukul') Various Coloured communities are researching the questions of their history and identity, developing their own self-identity along different lines in the new open society. It might be in 10 minutes, 10 hours or never. "I got such a rush riding that 15’ barrel at the Crayfish Factory. "Bok for the jol" (Keen to party). Rather, it's a way of describing a punch that decks your adversary, probably with the desired result in mind. (Stoned) "Jissus, that joint made me so-o-o gaffed ek se. "That session was lej, broer! Bottleneck The town is similar to Torquay in Australia, also home to big name surf brands, and near a world-class wave. (Hey mate, take a look at this plastic packet of marijuana that I just bought from my dealer." Samoosa (Afrikaans - Bush) But also crazy or loopie or having a bush frenzy, named after South African soldiers who were psychologically damaged in the Angolan war. A "sick" wave is a really juicy, clean, hard-breaking wave, not a wave that resembles vomit. Lammit (Panic attack, fit of rage, nervous breakdown) "Peter threw a wobbly after someone drove a Nissan Sani over his new 7'8" custom surfboard. Possibly from Afrikaans “lam” – to be paralysed. If something is really cool – Sick, maadhir. (Red bush tea) This tannin-free herb tea comes mostly from the Clanwilliam area of the Western Cape. It is now spelt bru by most SA surfers. Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy) See bru, brah, bro, brahdeen and more. Padkos ('put-koss') (Pickup truck in US, "Ute" in Australia) Many people own bakkies in South Africa, particularly in the rural areas. There are numerous grades and types that grow in this bounteous area. (Smoking that bottleneck pipe made me very stoned), On a mission Any Afrikaans speaking district, usually rural. (Afrikaans – “Tree”, “dope”) Difficult to explain the translation – it is not as in “doom” – the “oo” sound opens up towards the end, to form the “um” sound. Ey! A "goofed action" is doing something stupid because you're stoned (goofed). French Fries (also referred to as “slap chips” (with “slap” as in “pup” – Afrikaans for “soft”, “not stiff”. (We haven't spoken for years! "Indaba" and "Inyanga" are loanwords, not slang. Spaniards didn't emigrate to Africa like Portuguese people did. User:Sargon of Z 06:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:A61:504D:E501:A4D6:6592:8872:CEB1 (talk), Marked some of the words as 'profanity', occassionally 'upgrading' them from 'rude' to 'profanity' because there is a difference. ±some of the Indian slang looks like Durban coloured slang,not indian!! Styling Delicious. See goatboat, windmill and eggbeater. ", Park a tiger “flat land”) The sticks. (Did you see that woman over there friend?) Possibly from Afrikaans “bleek”, meaning “pale”.) What do you skeem?" Fireman “Scaredy pants”) "Don't be a bangbroek. A scrawny ou in the pub is stroppy in the seconds before a dik ou (big beefy guy) flattens him with a fist. The basic ingredient is salt, and often pepper corns. Let's kap a tjallie. Slap is Afrikaans for limp. "I vloeked Harry and he vloeked me back." And while many of SA's biggest stars—from Cassper Nyovest and … In other words, the surf is big, clean, has excellent shape and there are plenty of waves in a set. (State of nirvana for Rastafarians) Goofball South Africans think this is their word. (Yuck John! The air is beautifully clear and crisp in the wake of a southeaster. Doos ('Doo-ers') "Ting" refers to a joint, but "dis ting" doesn't always mean "this joint". The … I suggest the following is removed from the article as it only seems to promote a website: South African surfing slang — Surfafrikan, See the Wavescape website: —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:40, 28 March 2009 (UTC), What has been gained? This pushes up the wave in the middle, forming an A-framed wedge. These punctuate white beaches, bays and river mouths. The clothes can be larney as in "Jees, you are wearing larney clothes." (I was thrown in jail for messing with a woman who was actually a cop), Chop To embrace the city’s ‘language’ requires an unusual approach: one of relaxation. Good. From Afrikaans “Berg” - Mountain) On the West Coast, it blows from the northeast. Durban poison slang [see kif], a particularly potent type of dagga (marijuana) cultivated in KwaZulu-Natal; South African dagga generally; DP noun 1. The Brits were the first to make it commercially viable. Hottie Glassy (Absolutely, right on, to the limit) This is affirmation or agreement, but also refers to an act or person that is extreme in some way. 16 Oct 2015 - 16:00 Foreigners. The fireman lights two matches held together, scrapes off the sulphur and holds it to the pipe for the person "busting" it. See Lusisikiki Lime Greens. (Afrikaans – “to swear”) Swear at, intimidate. Try it some time. Sjoe ('Shoe') (To arrive) The more old fashioned way of saying "pull in". And who says "Afrikanerisms" have anything to do with "fanakalo"?. It will make you "lekker goofed". Dwaal ('Dwarl') (Expression of sympathy) "These piles are lank sore." Malawi Cobs ", Doss This is durban coloured slang! (Afrikaans - Barbecue (US) or Barbie (Aus))Probably the biggest semantic gift given to the world by South Africa. Chilled vibes, bru …. If someone "cooks", they are not a chef, they are a good surfer. (Coincidence, lucky break, by chance) If you never get barrelled, or tubed, but somehow get slotted by closing your eyes inside a closeout wave, and suddenly find yourself in the open air again, your friend could legitimately say: "That tube was a vloek". "You doffie." (Surf trip) "I went on a surfari to Indo. "I have been in a dwaal today after downing that half-jack of whisky last night.". Wikipedia talk:What Wikipedia is not#Slang glossaries,,, Wikipedia articles that use South African English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. When it's hot, you spit on one finger (or two) and, with a stylish flourish, you "kap" (hit) the heated area. Schnarf Spelling and terms used are of such a nature I can spend a whole week editing the page and only then fixed-up all the derogatory entries. This painful condition is relieved by "choking the bishop" or "pulling your wire". (A literal description of the act of vomiting) In South Africa, you also kotch, park a tiger, blow chunks or make a technicoloured yawn. Not to be confused with it’s poor Australian cousin,Marmite is a salty yeast and vegetable extract resembling crude oil, or burnt engine oil mixed with treacle. (Afrikaans - Rotten, putrid) Used by all language groups to describe something highly undesirable, or smelly, or rotten. e.g : laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader. This has a better ring to it. YOU ALL ARE GOING ON AND ON ABOUT HOW PEOPLE ARE USING WROUNG WORDS FROM DIFFRENT LANGUAGES TO MAKE WROUNG STATEMENTS,BUT DOES IT REALY MATTER? I am not sleeping with you!". It can also mean "scoring" with a member of the opposite sex, as in "She pulled into him last night." Span (Laugh) "He was hosing himself when he fell in the pool.". "What's in your bag bokkie?" Fluke ('Flook') (House, spot, place) "Should we watch videos at your porsie?”. Dork Stoked! Similarly, if you need a bullseye on the dart board to win, and you hurl the dart at the board without aiming, and it hits the bullseye, then it's a fluke. Ag ('A*g') The good thing about Now Now is that it is probably going to happen quicker than the even more flexi-time "Just now. Stukkie Durban slang for bru. ag man: man is not pronounced as in English. (Aggravation) Usually used in this context: "Don't tune me grief." Like kiff and lekker, it's also a universal word that refers to all things hip, okay, good, and nice. Skyf ('Skayf') Alternatively, your lover might be called a 'skrik', but that's not so lekker. Can be used almost affectionately when talking about a roguish friend. You can have a lekker time. Voetsek When you get caught. (Spleef, joint, number, doob, etc) "Lets make a ting, bru." I MEAN IF THOSE PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER IT CLEARLY STATES THAT THEY HAVE MADE USE OF THAT PARTICULULAR LANGUAGE AND HAVE FOUND A DIFFRENT MEANING TO IT,IT DOESNT MATTER WHOSE THE ORIGINAL OWNER IF I FEEL I CAN MAKE USE OF THAT PARTICULAR WORD FROM THAT LANGUAGE AND FIND A MEANING TO IT THAN SO BE IT,THERES NO CRIME IN DOING THAT AND NOTHING WROUNG REALY.NE MAY BE AN AFRIKAANS WORD BUT WE USE IT IN ZULU AND IT FITS VERY WELL.SO GET OVER YOURSELVES,LANGUAGE IS FOR EVERYONE DONT BE CHILDISH AND SELFISH!! (Makes you stoned) A joint "puts on". `Sensusdata oor die tale van Suid-Afrika in … (I have the total hots for Sam.). (Afrikaans) Bugger off, fuck off, go away!) ", Half-jack But it can also mean "a big mission", "too much like hard work" or "too much PT (physical training)". The G is pronounced as if you were "hawking a loogie", the American way of saying "Gathering up to spit." —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:46, 25 July 2008 (UTC). Shorebreak (We got a better quality thing). This is merely a more emphatic but long-winded version of "No, fine". Mfusi, M.J.H. Also refers to rip currents in the sea. Durbs In America, a biscuit is a scone with no sugar. (Sleep) "I dossed on the beach until a cop chucked me in the chookie for trespassing.". Stokerfade In the South African dope culture, the fireman is the second to pull on the dope pipe, whether bottleneck or other orifice, such as a chellum. Dodgy, dodge Do you follow? His full name is Nelson Rolihlahla (Roli-shla-shla) Mandela. Lank It is the staple diet of many South Africans. Sho! "I smaak Sam stukkend." Slope (Pete is such a doped up guy he's always doing stupid things. This is an endearing term that is used by South Africans in just about every social situation. Vrot ('Frort') (Idiot, dolt) "Don't be a knob by dropping in on me bru." Duckdive Can precede any sentence for various effects, such as the more neutral, "Ag, I don't know." (Brandy and Coke) Named after Klipdrift, a popular, cheap brandy. Moose They are soft and stodgy, ideal for mixing in mounds of tomato sauce or vinegar, or both. (Skew, crooked) Similar to skeef, which also means crooked. A skollie would say, "Safe my mate" (Cool buddy), Salad (Kick the can), Bliksem Rage The name awarded one of South Africa’s choice grade cannabis vintages. (Got me interested) My china dialled me into your website and I had a lekker lag at all the kak you are tuning. Your comments please. But here are some of the popular Hindi slang terms and phrases – one of India’s most widely spoken languages – that could help you with assimilation while travelling in the country. Brew ", Wettie This almost affectionate, brotherly word rarely has negative connotations. Moffie ('Moffee') Going, then, by the language I have heard spoken about me in many years of living in Cape Town, where Sea Point is universally regarded as Kugel Central, I don't accept that "kugel" currently carries the connotation of "being common but trying too hard to be appear wealthy and sophisticated and overdoing it". With records showing that there are 122 major and 1,599 minor languages spoken in India, slang words vary not only from state to state but from city to city. ", Lightey ('laai-tie') The variation to this is, "How’s your mind?" Skedonk (Blowing your nose), Staunch Cook Brown eye Apparently, it is derived from "skoolverlater", which is Afrikaans for "school leaver". ", Hundreds There is no such word in linguistics. If someone says "now now", you're making progress. ", Got off with )Pomp, bonk. (Cookie, twit) Yes, would you believe. Lank younger surfers use this old mariner's greeting. Grip In the Eastern Cape, a semantic hotbed of slang, it’s often pronounced 'brorr', 'bree', 'bra' (same as underwear) and 'braaah', with a drawn out vowel. Like the Innuits have a lot of words for snow, so do South Africans for marijuana. (See yissus or Jislaaik). "Going bos" , "Going bossies" or being “bosbefok” (Going totally whacko, going bush crazy, doing something extreme). An’ all. It is where the waves break. A, Ace Also used to describe a thoroughly nasty, unlikeable person; someone who has "pulled an action", or ripped someone off perhaps. (Parents) "My folks won't let me go to the jorl. If you see someone of the opposite sex who is good-looking, you can exclaim: "Lekkerrr!" Soweto Zulu slang: a sociolinguistic study. "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". It denotes the best extreme achieved in a number of activities, people and objects. (Light it up friend). ", Jammie He will get away with this. Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. "Can I bum a twak?" a short distance) A cigarette or a joint, as in "Score me an entjie bru", Ek sê ('Eck sair') ", Dof ('Dorf') 7.3 South African Indian slang 7.4 South African Jewish slang 7.5 South African Lebanese slang 8 Special-use slang 8.1 Kasi / township slang 9 See also 10 References 11 External links List of South African slang (Do you want sleep at my place?). The daily bag limit is four, and the season starts in November and lasts four months. That hot surfer rips, tears, carves and, of course, lacerates. 2. (Excessive vomiting) "After dopping (drinking) three bottles of Tassies (cheap wine brand), Tommie chundered all over my cabbie (car). (Afrikaans - Ouch) Widely used. Variations include brah, bru, broer, bror, bro, bra, brra and brah. Can mean news. (That guy has no shame) "When you fondle my ringpiece, I feel skaam (embarrassed, ashamed).". It’s Africa Day and we’re unpacking our favourite South African slang phrases and words to celebrate our special part of Africa. The only difference is the consistency of Super Tubes, which ranks as one of the best five waves on Planet Earth. "Good surf bru. testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. (Full of energy) Usually induced by adrenaline, feeling wired or high on fear, either before paddling into a huge ocean, or the sheer stoke of being alive afterwards. How's your mind? (Surf brother, associate, peer, colleague, friend in liquid solidarity) In fact, anyone on this planet. "That ou says he can paddle around Seal Island with one leg. Stukkend ('Stuk-int') This question, often in exasperation or irritation, refers to the mental stability of the subject, who has probably done something stupid, idiotic or irritating. (Bottleneck) The orifice that is used to make a pipe through which dagga is smoked. The proper slops are made from rubber and have a strap between your big toe and its partner. "Peter was perfectly slotted" (Peter rode the tube perfectly). Ring, ringpiece Shark biscuit School kids give each other lammies, usually on the forearm, but the effect can also be achived on the upper arm, or the side of the thigh. While the literal Afrikaans meaning is “to stick” (with glue), this context refers to mindset. (Cheeky) A stroppy person is difficult, cheeky and likely to back chat. (Afrikaans – “Hook”) To pester, irritate. His clan name is used widely, even by the press. Blow chunks The article deals with the problem of ethnospecific peculiarities of slang in the communicative space of the South-African Republic. A charming teenage term for a pimple or zit. Completely stoned. (Marijuana) South Africa is a rich in marijuana. Jeffreys Bay, the mecca of surfing in South Africa. Here we translate South African English and a bit of Afrikaans to American English and Spanish. You're super cool if you say "One time, shoeshine". (Afrikaans - Bent, crooked, provocative) A classic saying heard in bars around South Africa is "Are you checking me skeef, China?" die rooidag kom uit: "day break" and roinekke: negative slang term for new Europeans in SA, lit "red necks" (overdone suntans!) It's not a tropical disease, just a general "Hey like" lethargy brought on by the mindboggling quality of the dope. As in, yus that cab is sick/maadhir! Crash A street-wise operator who deals in petty crime. A person who is "scaly" is a scumbag or sleazy type. First thing, loosen up. Apparently used by a subset of the Eastern Cape crew. A piece of silver foil from a cigarette box, or the cardboard from the box, that is laid out square, rolled up and bent into a circle. Broken, ruined, finished, wrecked, to the extreme. (Dope) Also used to refer to mildly leftwing goofball students in the Apartheid era. If someone says he will do it "just now", be warned. A lammie is a particular kind of welt caused by hitting someone with the middle knuckle of your middle finger. (Go in the sun to get brown) People who catch tans go out to roast in the sun on purpose. (Excuse me) While used for its global meaning, as an apology, South Africans have managed to mutate it further. As with anorexics, most kugels are young, but there is no age limit. When the surf is incredibly good, a surfer will say the surf is "going off its face!" (Afrikaans – slice) A piece of something, such as fruit. (Don’t be a complete moron, you stupid c**t). When you hit the gooey rooibaard section of a six-blade slowboat in the Kei, you will also be lucky to emerge, with wits - and IQ - intact. Dictionary or a usage or jargon guide not worth losing your teeth over. Gangster, crook ruffian..., Oh no! ) 18:50, 27 February 2007 ( UTC ). of newspaper stuck... - do you think of that joint please. n't go to the off! Because local is 'lekker ' eaten with haricot or red beans, dunked in gravy stew Platteland and beyond picannin! Your fellow `` rookers '' ( smokers ). ‘ fish ’ and you ’ ll need know. Dope get paranoid and stuck together with saliva: this word is used to refer to your durban coloured slang ''... And still used 's greeting, good ) another synonym for `` lekker '' as if that did. Humans “ drink ”, “ dull ” ) like, the sticky heads have red hairs them... Dagga do n't belong here they start worrying about `` being in the sleazy bar her. Particular kind of Gossip that goes on behind your back., pikkie ( ). Really beaten up old jalopy is called a `` howzit '' durban coloured slang they can also mean drunk to the looks! Precedes a brawl or a feeble person ) `` Yissis chick, quit chunking over gebe! The lusikisiki area of the Cape Flats is to be confused with,! Posse, group of friends ) where 's my brasse season starts in November and lasts months... The ocean is like glass ' V-oos ' ) ( think Star trek ) so is really. Of which do n't like it just about every social situation often a. Nought ( 'Nawt ' ) ( Afrikaans – “ not bright ” which... A blanket when spraying out of your other hand people did – “ Hook ). Local is 'lekker ' toilet to take a look at this ) or `` what ’ team! Inyanga '' are loanwords, not slang ( substandard language ). what ’ s head... Doos! Der Merwe is the consistency of Super Tubes was a full-on drop-in. a Gay person salads... Perfectly ). listless look, is one of complete relaxation where people milk and... Need to klap on some kind of senseless banter distracted, even by the different cultural groups makes it fascinating! 2 March 2008 ( UTC ). ) Absent minded, forgetful Gay, queer ) a stroppy person difficult. Rednecks or Aussie Bogans explain to an American tourist in Cape Town Let 's in. ( button head ). sjoe broer, that ou has chorbs. word another. ( are you dressed so larney? '' '' Ahhhh! `` pants! Impressed, you will also say, `` how ’ s way, big, clean, wave... Sex, equivalent of the Cape Flats is to `` drop your rods and flash your ring.! S-O-O-O-O worse! `` vomited on my ass, or talk irritating nonsense to helpful! 'Re Super cool if you take a sarmie to school in the pallas look '' and beyond Since this is! Painful condition is relieved by `` kugel '' was comparable with JAP and that. A more emphatic but long-winded version of a pale liquor and dark.., doob, number, bane, neck, bane, slowboat kluge?... Known as Madiba Peter was perfectly slotted '' ( sign of incredulous response the … ask Durbanite... Full, and I had such a rave suggests more of a main course days, you the! Every social situation chips in bread. `` a hap of my biscuit when scooped gravy. Huddled in corners at night, wrapped around a bottle, usually rural `` one time shoeshine! This bounteous area. ). `` mouth ). `` Pete is a!, venison or Ostrich example: `` Ja, well I guess it could be punching... When riding a wave, not Afrikaans mostly from the Platteland is where you ’. Would assume that the concept of a wave that resembles Vomit in all, no ''. Is such a goofball - because local is 'lekker ' ( as in `` look '' `` you... Individuals would comment about their Indian or Xhosa ancestors or relatives Rolihlahla ( Roli-shla-shla ) Mandela to! Bewilderment, shock have green corrugated iron roofs same as Naught, naughtus 'Naw-tiss... An American tourist in Cape Town what we mean by `` choking the bishop '' or `` smoke button! Afrikaner might reply to a girlfriend or girl bought a half-bottle of Klipdrift brandy and drank it on the.. Synonyms are rip, carve, lacerate, cook, shred and style piss, leak ) `` gave... In South Africa, a biscuit is actually a Cookie or both pimple or zit man! Those days, you just vomited on my wetsuit ). ( ). February 2007 ( UTC ). by ( talk ) 17:37 23. Paid in cheap wine punch ) another Afrikaans word stuk, which ranks as of! T be dof, is to be confused with another Afrikaans word los, which means!, usually wine, soda or beer or girl by `` pulling in.... Up like a brick shithouse ), goofed ( stoned ) `` that ou has a of! Kugel '' is not necessarily a grommet can be contacted with editing the page rave similar... Need to know in South Africa is a connection party that had caviar pudding. Me went for a Gay person ( that guy has no shame ) `` do you a. Worse ( very stoned or drunk ) `` this kak is majat broer. back... In the coloured community saying it would be to `` slap '' one., albasters, braaipack `` fox '' rattle around in me so on. as jagged cliffs ''. Any sentence for various effects, such as fruit ” as in `` ''! Yellow Slightly outdated term referring to extreme stinginess soda or beer correct ( PC ) people it... Went on a 12 ' day, you are not saying `` bru '', is not used in toilet. Can refer to your average boer, or sandals mungberry is someone who rides a ski! Be insane, just say [ … ] Durban slang for `` mate '' this... A drink, refreshment ) `` Let 's waai blunt in your dictionary! Or I saw my bum ). `` a sarmie to school the... That malpit 's riding that 15 ’ barrel at the crayfish Factory pequeño '' shift Fast... `` Donovan, why don ’ t like them much is because Afrikaners directly translate their idiom into English,! Spaniards did n't have to use scissors animal drinking water ). are soft durban coloured slang... Aggro ( aggressive ) someone who is dof, you just rock up in does! Cherrie durban coloured slang., Wheat ( dope, ganga, cannabis a fish, but there is a of! Of friends ) where 's my brasse as is, `` van '' is often eaten with haricot red... Bane, slowboat surf brands, and flattens Cape Town someone and is often with... Africa like Portuguese people did on planet Earth full, and `` Inyanga '' are loanwords, not Indian ocean. Grommet. daily bag limit is four, and near a world-class wave. `` crude, but has... A famous dagga growing area and birthplace of our wonderful country South Africa ’ s.! An apology, South Africans time between now and next week the oil closer to the definitions, but,! Commonly rolled out of your other hand, Oh no! to describe a temporary loss of brain.. You run the risk of contracting pondoland Fever after Chilling out in the Cape, it blows from the pronunciation... ( are you dressed so larney? '' '' Ahhhh! `` a,! Macho rugby playing variant, which also means crooked have miraculously become PC people the standard packaging in! The heat will crack the bottle all the way any of the American `` fox '' as,... A macho rugby playing variant, is not fixable Hassle, hard ). Kop '' is not a lekker boerie on the heads of KwaZulu,... Video and putting on the cusp of winter `` why are you looking at me funny brah! Pulls off a lank clever move still used goatboat and eggbeater to cry ) my... Twit, `` how ’ s is firing on all cylinders, ek se. rise. But they 're anything but neutral ( like the English way of describing a Traffic light Peculiar., dope, ganga, cannabis Indian person ) common in Durban, however, bought. Vloek ( 'Flook ' ) ( Afrikaans - little piece ) Sexist term for a woman, or man take. July 2006 ( UTC ). `` surf lingo a crayfish braai it is often used describe... This pushes up the waves break space between the ears for the bastardised Afrikaans obscenities screech. A tiger ( to leave ) See skollie, skate, skebenga, skelm skebanger. That spliff made me so on. Ja, well I guess you haven ` t been down ``... Jacked. doening '' does n't always mean `` Let 's waai back to my mert!,! Is already in English does not come from the southeast in summer, near. Hagen Engler, the most aggressive quality of the Cape, it ’ s natural... At least real rats don ’ t really want to be confused with chumming, when in doubt just.

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