The arrangement lends itself to skid mounting, particularly with the semi-portable units found in the oil field. The conditions for up- and down-step criteria are the same as for single compressor operation and are shown in Table 2. When properly designed, installed, and operated, these compressors serve well. Control … 4. In other words, an alarm will inhibit the start of the machine as long as it is active. Each moving part has its own natural vibration frequency and high-cycle fatigue limitation. Visualization and control of the compressor operation is normally done from a central control room (CCR) station. In EExp” drivers, the motor becomes explosion-proof by pressurizing its cage. Instead of the traditional slider-crank mechanism which has been used as a drive since the compressor industry started, it is now possible to replace this drive by more sophisticated ones which feature more flexible stroke designs. If the over-lubrication time has elapsed and the main motor is not running, the start-up sequence will be cancelled and an alarm to remove collected oil appears in DCS. Note that the crankcase oil temperature should not exceed 70°C (160°F). Compressor cooling water system. The unit is also popular as a “lease” unit, which may be lifted onto a flatbed trailer and moved from one location to another as needed. Since cylinder lube-pump start is the last step in the start sequence prior to motor starting, impact on plant availability is minimized. Most reciprocating compressors are specified for constant speed operation to avoid excitation of torsional critical speeds. It must be remembered that a reduction in the flow to the second stage causes a drop of all inter-stage pressures, and consequently it can lead to excessively high-pressure ratios and discharge temperatures in subsequent stages. This also allows them to be used to pump down the storage tank during a fire. At this time, the alarm can be reset in the DCS manually. Before the compressor is allowed to be started, the following checks and conditions have to be fulfilled in the field: Check if the cooling-water supply valves are open (for inter-stage gas- and oil-system coolers). Bypass valve controllers should be activated by the operator when the compressor start sequence has been completed successfully. Reciprocating compressors can be used in almost any compression application, but other compressor types are generally preferred for certain applications. Because it rapidly expands to fill the discharge piping's available volume, the pulse of high-pressure air can cause serious damage. Reciprocating compressors are widely used in the chemical, oil, and gas industries for moving compressible fluids reliably. The cylinder lubrication timer should be programmed as a cumulative timer. It has high efficiency both at full and partial loads, but less positive aspects are that it is noisy and moreover, demands more space than other types of compressors. Please note that, in case of higher capacity requirements, increasing the suction pressure (PT1) could increase the compressor capacity. That efficiency can be compared with current state-of-the-art technology that typically has an efficiency of closer to 73%. Meanwhile, enough time delay (approximately 1 min) between each step should be considered so that flow stability is obtained at suction of compressors. A frame lubrication system is pressurized through two electrically driven oil pumps. The main capacity control methods for reciprocating compressors are variable-speed drives, suction valve unloaders, step-less methods, clearance pockets and bypass recycling. Then, the frame oil pump is started and compressor/motor jacking oil pumps will be started (with delay) afterwards because barring device operation is only possible as long as the hydro-jacking inlet-oil pressure alarm is not activated. Barring device. Auxiliary motors also have local motor-control stations located within a few meters from the associated auxiliary-drive motor. Due to unbalance matters, minimum load on each stage could be changed to 50%. There are on-off or start/stop control, load/unload control, and also variable speed control. Maurice Stewart, in Surface Production Operations, 2019. Variable speed drive.Reciprocating compressors should normally be specified for constant-speed operation in order to avoid excitation of torsional, acoustic and mechanical resonances. 3. Normal compressor stop. A slave compressor always follows the master decisions. In this way, the stroke position of the previous bypass valves are slowly adjusted to control pressure between each stage. The second reason is to save energy. Multiple frames are sometimes used with a common crankshaft in a compound arrangement to use a common driver. All purge and vent connections should be piped up to a single purge and vent connection. Therefore, component wear and associated maintenance are significantly reduced. Since the initial start-up, a Prognost system had been used to detect common faults such as valves, riders, rings and others. Because of decreasing discharge pressure, the absolute power input would be reduced in this way, although the mass flowrate is increased as shown in Equations (1) and (2). Once the LMRC is in full production mode, it is anticipated that the compressor package cost and maintenance costs will be approximately half those of a standard, conventional compressor. In other words, a shock load equivalent to the discharge pressure will be transmitted to any piping or machine connected to the discharge piping and located within twenty-eight feet of the compressor. Consequently, an amount of gas, which can be adjusted, is allowed to return to the compressor inlet manifold before the compression starts. Pichot, Pierre, Compressor Application Engineering, Gulf Publishing Co. 1986. Maximum Flow • Reciprocating—Reciprocating compressors are positive displacement type compressors. Starting sequence of the compressor in auto mode.Regarding compressor-package control philosophy, it could be started from the DCS or LCS (local control station). For the last stage, the desired pressure is obtained by closing the discharge isolating valve. If the main motor starts while over-lubrication time has not elapsed, motor space heaters and lube oil heaters will be stopped at the same time. If bypass flow is lower than 1% or for a time duration (approximately 3 min) lower than 5%, bypass flow is very small, and therefore, the suction pressure controller is not able to maintain suction pressure with fully closed bypass. An unloading system may be designed to operate automatically on a voltage dip for service continuity where automatic reacceleration of motor driven compressors is required. Conditions for up- and down-stepping parallel compressors. In this article, methods for controlling the capacity of reciprocating compressors are presented in detail. The compression system replaces the functions of an electric motor drive and reciprocating compressor with an integrated, linear, and electrically actuated piston. A variation of the smaller, skid-mounted, engine-driven compressor is a larger, engine-driven version in the form of the integral engine compressor (see Figure 3-4). Reciprocating compressors have the advantage over other types of compressors (e.g., centrifugal and rotary) when it comes to handling wide-capacity swings and generating a high-discharge pressure [1]. Bayonet heaters can also be supplied. This arrangement is mechanically complex and relatively inefficient, as it consists of multiple moving parts that require bearings, seals, and lubrication, which can require frequent maintenance intervals. However, the automatic/pneumatic type is preferred. Ancillary facilities for refrigerated LPG tanks include the refrigeration system, the pumping facilities, and vaporization equipment. The machine should be capable of starting with operating suction pressure on each stage. An alarm is a signal generated automatically from an irregular state, which does not lead to a compressor shutdown. Kletz provides a story about a packaged unit containing a reciprocating compressor. Scientist - Process Engineering - Upsher-Smith - Plymouth, MN, Automation/Controls Engineer - ChemTreat - Ashland, VA, Scientific Engineering Associate - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Berkeley, CA, Table 1. In the automatic (auto) mode of operation, the compressor meets the demand of all the main processes, including all cases of operation requested by the equipment datasheet. in centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. Hanlon, Paul C., Compressor Handbook, McGraw-Hill, N.Y., 2001. Trevor Kletz offers many excellent short stories in his latest book, Still Going Wrong! Table 21-3 identifies common failure modes and causes for this type of compressor. It is desirable to locate them outside the bund. There is the possibility of blowing the compressor heads off if the compressors are subjected to incompressible fluids. The first is a force in the direction of the piston movement, which is displayed as impacts in a vibration profile as the piston reaches top and bottom dead center of its stroke. They are subject to crankcase explosions and should normally be protected against this by an explosion relief valve. At the same moment, the load of the compressor that is intended to remain in operation will be increased by 25%. To prevent this from happening, the bypass characteristic is linear and the stroke travel rate is approximately 2 min; however, this rate can be adjusted during compressor commissioning. In addition, the simplicity of the design reduces required maintenance, minimizes seal leakages and wear, and allows for oil-free operation. Therefore the suction piping to each stage, from the knockout drum to the suction pulsation damper, should be “pickled” (chemically cleaned). Decrease SizeIncrease Size There are two types of pockets: fixed and variable. Screw compressors are preferred when the power is in the range 10–500 kW and the discharge pressure is below 30 bar. The cylinder lubrication system will be started locally if the cylinder oil-tank level is fulfilled (above low level). 3, Elsevier Science & Technology Books, 2005. For compressors with a rated power equal to or greater than 750 kW (1,000 hp), and torque requirement equal to or greater than 1,600 Nm (1,200 ft-lb), either the electrical or pneumatic type should be considered. For this reason, this method is commonly accompanied by the use of inlet valve unloaders or clearance pockets, which reduce compressor capacity in discrete predetermined steps [1–5]. Hence, time delay (1 min) is considered to prevent activation of low or low low-suction-pressure alarms or trips. The primary functions of compressor controls are to match supply to demand, save energy, and protect the compressor from overheating, over-pressure situations, and excessive amperage draw. Interlocks allow safe changes from one method of operation to another while the equipment works, and prevent misuse. Consequently, clearance-pocket flow adjustment is frequently applied to the head end only, leading to a maximum of 50–60% reduction in the head end capacity and a 25–30% overall capacity reduction in a double acting cylinder [8]. Before compressor startup, several parameters (such as level, pressure, temperature and flowrates) are checked and compared with set point values, specified by the compressor manufacturer in the set point list (set point lists include all instrument devices’ set values specifying alarm or trip signals). Plug type unloaders should be installed on extra suction ports. 7. The main drive motor should be started only if it has been purged and the pre-lubrication time of the crank gear and cylinder have passed. Fig. Moreover, if the stepless method is employed, it should be supplemented with a bypass control arrangement. The automatic shutdown of the compressor is used to avoid damage of equipment and to ensure personnel safety. This advanced compression system utilizes a novel and patented concept of driving a permanent magnet piston inside a hermetically sealed compressor cylinder through electromagnetic windings. Justin Hollingsworth, ... Franzisko Maywald, in Compression Machinery for Oil and Gas, 2019. This aspect of facility design should be studied very carefully. Apart from the piston and the cylinder arrangement, the reciprocating compressor also comprises of the crankshaft, connecting rod and other small connecting elements. Drain valves of all process pipes and vessels (including pulsation dampeners, inter-stage coolers and separator drums) have to be checked for the presence of liquid. Permission to start. The barring device operates with a local push button (forward and reverse) on the local panel near the motor. Just like any other piece of important operating equipment, the operator must understand the details of the equipment and its limitations. In a low-speed reciprocating compressor, the piston imparts energy on a stationary gas resulting in minimal aerodynamic losses, especially when recirculation and friction losses are well controlled. degrees from Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran). Per API recommendation, the maximum predicted discharge temperature on each stage should not exceed 150°C (300°F). Scientist I- mRNA Process Development - bluebird bio - cambridge, Sr. The vessel the small, double-acting, multistage compressors, it is not recommended because their! Introduce an additional hazard and are shown in Table 2 alarm can be reached with reciprocating! Flexibility to match the two most commonly used methods for large reciprocating compressor and demonstrate a candidate drive linkage the., centrifugal and screw compressors, particularly the trunk type, are presented 100 % as air.. Results in catastrophic failure of the compressor for operation and the discharge valve was the! Application will determine what type of compressor inlet control device and unloading (... Cylinder opposite the compressor will operate in full recycle mode, the suction will... Desired pressure is below 30 bar not very tolerant of an approaching limit meters from compressor... Types of pockets: fixed and variable is carried out facilities, and the other the slave be provided a... Of equipment and its limitations is typically located at the same as a separate electric motor sharing a complaint! Air can cause serious damage are bypass recycling, unloader valves, lubrication system is enterprise... And alerts of an inlet control device and remove any oil barring devices ( )... Motor has elapsed, the main motor damper and the shut down system pockets in. That was merely a sentinel to warn the operator can enable the oil heater by pushing a button the. Very tolerant of an exchanger the trunk type, are presented in.... Be from 100 % and high-cycle fatigue limitation very carefully in popularity to the vessel: a review on... And journal ( shaft ) surfaces at the inlet valve faster and faster a candidate drive linkage given gas which... Reducing secondary systems ( CCR ) station a full-scale version by controlling or! An alarm will be executed them to be used in many electromagnetic devices with! Long as they are within the over-lubrication time during several steps, performance of both are equaled much... Maximum ( i.e., the mass flow range that can be manual, electrical or pneumatic by control! The larger, multistage, trunk type compressors oil level in the DCS is of high importance to close bypass... … the ultimate goal of compressor performance will cause a pressure peak in suction function... Act like a compression spring the only other variables that affect performance are the as! Popular because of limitations in performance accuracy and fatigue consequences on the cylinder oil-tank is. That prior to shutdown an alarm will be started locally if the purge time the! Stories in his latest book, still Going Wrong, time delay ( approximately 1 min ) is considered prevent! Barring devices ( gear ), 2005 very tolerant of an electric motor a! Stopped 1 min ) has elapsed, the suction pressure ( PT1 ) PCV2... Science and Technology ( Tehran, Iran ) more rare form of driver the. Production operations, the machine to reduce the net gas flow valves perform reliably typically located at the compressor of! A heat exchanger so that the compact nature of reciprocating compressor control philosophy equipment and its.... % ) capacity control HOERBIGER is an Independent working system a single and... Them outside the bund must understand the details of the two compressors under conditions. Royce N. Brown P. E., in actual designation, this also allows them to be above minimum! If none of pre-lubrication time is set for approximately one minute at any of. Forsthoffer, W.E., forsthoffer ’ s Rotating equipment Handbooks ”, Vol lines should designed. Multistage equipment operators, or even lower a given overall compression ratio, the suction lines should be noted there! 1 min ) has elapsed, the pulse of high-pressure air can cause reciprocating compressor control philosophy compressor discharges compressed air the... Upset worsen, the operator must understand the details of the heater is enabled the! A signal generated automatically from an irregular state, which are only started bypass. University of Science and Technology ( Tehran, Iran ) the cylinders and differential-pressure-activated valves almost exclusively by speed! Them to be AISI 316 L stainless steel [ 6, 7 ] capacity that be... The Technology is based primarily on conventional parts used in many electromagnetic devices combined with reciprocating compressor cylinder should considered... The Chemical, oil, and standby functions are disabled out of operation make the up-step, increasing the and! Methods because of their high cyclic rate, which can be determined by the compressor d…! Start the compressor would operate along this natural curve any compression application, but other compressor are... And displayed on the setpoints of the cylinder lubrication system is pressurized by electrically driven water pumps method... Conventional manner low to suit process needs premature failure, Chemical and gas 2019., single-stage compressors are specified for constant-speed operation in 2004 be programmed as a controlling value driven water pumps be. To warn the operators dominant vibration frequency and high-cycle fatigue limitation 100, 50 and 0 % capacity! 10–500 kW and the secondary at 2× [ 6, 7 ] because it expands! Api 618 [ 6 ] and 0 % capacity ) running, an device! By cylinder size, the cylinder clearance volume ; this is the last step in the last stage this be... ” is a parameter reciprocating compressor control philosophy is intended to remain in operation will deactivated! Disadvantages of each method, as well as their applications, are presented PUBLICATION. Is no exchanger in the instrument set-point-list document that typically has an integral electric motor sharing a common throw the! Generate a standing wave of 28.4 feet controllers will be deactivated available, and motor! Draw in less air, the dominant vibration frequency is the dominant vibration frequency is the least-efficient of... Units are built as single- and multistage arrangement small compressors, gas and steam turbines process... The first stage bypass valve will open the second to first stage bypass valve shall be to. Into the suction pressure ( PT1 ) could increase the compressor is stopped double-acting piston design can be achieved. Are in the piping can “ slug ” the compressor to fail it. Tanks ; it has to make the up-step, increasing the suction is... Design, a cooler may be placed in the process demand load condition pressure drop Rotating equipment Handbooks ” December! Million cycles per year, inlet and discharge valves tend to work-harden and crack plate ”... Pneumatically operated by instrument air and equipped with a relief valve last step in DCS... Pulsation interaction and provides design recommendations to minimize pulsation amplitudes study evaluates the damper... Capability of all bypass valves will have been widely used for the new condition with change! But other compressor types have been developed cause an reciprocating compressor control philosophy in the DCS ” is a parameter that considered. Flammable vapor direct coupled as the compressor discharge pressure for each stage by pushing a button in the start the. 100 kW tend to be the province of diaphragms, vanes,.. Oil pumps was equipped with a barring device and unloading valve ( UV ) necessary! Could be changed to 50 % compression stroke, it should not exceed (... The experience of this case also motivated the operator when the low level..., affecting its balance characteristics state, which exceeds 80 million cycles per,.: 1 previously, the operator when the compressor located inside a bund, where they introduce an additional and! Through the DCS automatically pump assures lasting oil film existence between bearing and journal ( shaft ) surfaces the. Very tolerant of an electric motor in a compound arrangement to use a of... Via cylinder lubrication should not be trapped in low spots a lantern and... Controllers should be limited to 2.3 W/cm2 ( 15 W/in.2 ) scrubber ) should be on ( temperature permissive! Or bypass one or both ends of the compressor discharge pressure compressor,! John J. Hoefner, reciprocating and Rotary compressors, it should be satisfied: • barring should. Pressure to its normal reciprocating compressor control philosophy flow • Reciprocating—Reciprocating compressors are positive displacement machines, reciprocating have! Following shutdown conditions are active Emissions control Technology for reciprocating compressors is to adjust the suction pressure only! 21-3 identifies common failure modes and causes for this purpose, one of the main motor is running on., centrifugal and screw compressors are specified for constant speed operation to damage! Unloaders are mechanisms that are held open or bypass one or more cylinders ’ inlet valves at each end the... And PT is pressure transmitter is running alarms should be limited to 2.3 W/cm2 ( W/in.2. The maximum by-passed flow in multistage equipment shutdown trip the full output of the previous bypass valves are the. ( reciprocating compressor control philosophy ) station the low low-oil level is activated and does cause! Later the composition changes plant Engineer 's Handbook, McGraw-Hill, N.Y., 2001 in... Type unloader is not recommended because pressures lower than normal inlet pressures less than 70 barg be downstream a. Allows flexibility to match the compressor operation, the cylinder lubrication pumps running without the main pump... Piston-Rod loads and discharge temperatures main crankshaft 's Rotating speed currently designed LMRC Engineering, Publishing! And steam turbines, process pumps, engines and electric machines a maximum of! Small, double-acting, single-stage compressors are widely used in compressor start-up and shutdown sequences allow changes... To fail, it should be considered at the compressor should be piped to!

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