After waiting some time for the erection of a spire at Philadelphia, by means of which he hoped to bring down the electricity of a thunderstorm, he conceived the idea of sending up a kite among thunder-clouds. The proof is as follows: - Consider any point-charge E of electricity included in any surface S, S, S (see fig. The ball A' will give up its charge of negative electricity to the Leyden jar B, and the ball B' will give up its positive charge to the Leyden jar A. Independently of Aepinus, Henry Cavendish put forward a single-fluid theory of electricity (Phil. (Breslau, 1903 and 1905; a mine of wealth for references to original papers on electricity and magnetism from the earliest date up to modern times). Its duplex character, and the fact that the electricity produced by rubbing glass and vitreous substances was different from that produced by rubbing sealing-wax and resinous substances, seemed to necessitate the assumption of two kinds of electric fluid; hence there arose the conception of positive and negative electricity, and the two-fluid theory came into existence. The Employment Minister said the reforms would generate new jobs. Throughout the central part of Alexandria the streets are paved with blocks of lava and lighted by electricity. In the Long-Schattner electrolytic meter, the insertion of the coin depresses a copper plate or plates into an electrolytic cell containing a solution of sulphate of copper; the passage of the current dissolves the copper off one of the plates, the loss in weight being determined by the quantity of the electricity passed. Hence the quantity in amperehours passing through the electrolytic cell being known and the fraction of the whole quantity taken by the cell being known, the quantity supplied to the house was determined. Just as electricity can make magnetism, so magnetism can make electricity. 1770), he conveyed the electricity from rubbed glass, a distance of 886 ft., along a string supported on silk threads (Phil. (Never touch a service panel! electricity is discussed in Electromagnetism, and these manifestations in nature in Atmospheric Electricity; Aurora Polaris and Terrestrial magnetism. - The third leading fact in electrostatics is that positive and negative electricity are always created in equal quantities, and that for every charge, say, of positive electricity on one conductor there must exist on some other bodies an equal total charge of negative electricity. Thus if Q is the surface density, S the thickness of the shell at any point, and p the assumed volume density of the matter of the shell, we have v =Abp. de C. du Fay (1699-1739) made the great discovery that electricity is of two kinds, vitreous and resinous (Phil. Hence he was furnished with a simple method of collecting electricity from other bodies, and he was enabled to perform those remarkable experiments which are chiefly connected with his name. Another word for electricity. At the age of nineteen he invented an electromagnetic engine, and in the course of examining its performance dissatisfaction with vague and arbitrary methods of specifying elec rical quantities caused him to adopt a convenient and scie tific unit, which he took to be the amount of electricity req ired to decompose nine grains of water in one hour. 3 X 10 24 gramme and that the unit atomic charge or natural unit of electricity is 1.3 X 1020 of an electromagnetic C.G.S. The step to magnetic phenomena was comparatively simple; but it was otherwise as regards electromagnetic phenomena, where current electricity is essentially involved. " The year 1827 marks the revival of Morse's interest in electricity. When you pedal your bicycle, the dynamo clipped to the wheel spins around.Inside the dynamo, there is a heavy core made from iron wire wrapped tightly around—much like the inside of a motor. At present the quantity of electricity it carries, and also its mass, may be determined, and we can therefore derive units of length and of mass from our electrical measurements. Like electricity has changed the face of cities and some villages; similarly if it’s made accessible to all people, the condition of all citizens and their lifestyle will definitely improve. 239+6 sentence examples: 1. Berzelius stated that neutral salt solutions could be decomposed by electricity, the acid appearing at one pole and the metal at the other. Recent Researches in Electricity and Magnetism (Oxford, 1892). 2. If the electrified body is touched against the upper plate whilst at the same time the lower plate is put to earth, the condenser formed of the two plates and the film of air or varnish becomes charged with positive electricity on the one plate and negative on the other. She paused, the unfamiliar sensation a combination of adrenaline that made her blood quicken and electricity that made her skin tingle. Whereas electricity flows through an electrical circuit, nothing actually flows through a magnetic circuit. Stephen Gray (1696-1736) noticed in 1720 that electricity could be excited by the friction of hair, silk, wool, paper and other bodies. 43) has found that solutions of diphenylamine in methyl cyanide possess an excess of pressure-producing particles and yet are non-conductors of electricity. Lamplighters used to light street lamps every night, before the accursed electricity came along. Likewise the negative charge on B induces a positive charge on the side of B' nearest to it and repels negative electricity to the far side. The splash was real, triggered by an electric charge inside the tank. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. A defect was found in the water-cooling/ electrical circuit.sentence dictionary. The rotor turns an attached generator, creating, Time slowed yet again as his wrist shot out a beam of purple, The nation used 14 billion kilowatt-hours of, Much of the state's multibillion-dollar agribusiness industry is based upon irrigation, powered by, In 1820 the Danish physicist H C Orsted produced experimental results on, And Ergon Energy stockpiled materials and put crews on alert yesterday in preparation for possible damage to the, Bending down he took her hand gently, which caused an immediate shock of, The City provides free each month six kilolitres of water to all households and 50 kilowatts of, Diagnostic radiology and the generation of, Plunged into darkness, practically all of Serbia has been dealing with an acute, Just as the film began to get interesting, they heard an almighty crash of thunder and the next thing they knew the. 4. This condenser is charged electrically and then suddenly discharged and violent electrical oscillations are set up in it, that is to say, electricity rushes to and fro between the antenna and the earth. Lights from lasers and muzzle fire spotted the forest below them before they reached an urban area, mostly dark with several patches of electricity. These are some of the worst culprits when it comes to sapping extra energy when they aren't in use. 1884 Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator, an electric generator that produces alternating current (AC). It is not even necessary that 2 See Maxwell, Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism (3rd ed., Oxford, 1892), vol. Nhthree, based in Richland, has a patented process that combines air, Under the ANC of President Jacob Zuma there have been advances in building houses for the poor and increased access to, National Laboratory, produced the first 10-meter-long ribbons that can superconduct, The faster the alternator turns, the more, What were all those SMSs asking us not to go to work and close shops and threats of, Its 123 residents haul water, but a central power plant provides, There are some wild cards like Wankel engines and rotary combustion engines or free piston engines both with integral, Even when turned off, these devices can idly sip, Wakefield's Distribution Network Operator for, In many areas peat is cultivated as a fossil fuel and used either in, Hydropower typically emits 35 to 70 times less greenhouse gases per TWh of, In 1881 Godalming became the first town in the world with a public, For example, the European Union has liberalized gas and, New Zealand's Manapouri Power Station was constructed to supply, In Suriname, the Brokopondo Reservoir was constructed to provide, While many hydroelectric projects supply public, A diverse mix of generation sources reduces the risks of, Since the 1990s, many regions have opened up the generation and distribution of electric power to provide a more competitive, Electric lighting was so much safer than oil or gas that some companies were able to pay for the, It was in the 1880s that the technology was commercially developed for large scale, However, it was not used to any great extent until a practical means of generating, Sir Humphry Davy invented the carbon arc lamp in 1802 upon discovering that, Gases released during the mining process can be recovered to generate, Continuous production industries typically use heat or, The resulting product, called powdered coal or pulverized coal, is then generally used in a fossil fuel power plant for, Average annual electricity consumption is just over half of the annual production making Wales a net exporter of, The invention of Parson's steam turbine made cheap and plentiful, His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices were the foundation of the practical use of, Also there was a great increase in power as steam powered, Botswana imports refined petroleum products and, The level of most glacial lakes in the upper parts of the Waitaki and Clutha rivers are controlled for, A greener alternative to burning bagasse for the production of, Recent cogeneration technology plants are being designed to produce from 200 to over 300 kWh of, Current technologies, such as those in use in Mauritius, produce over 100 kWh of, Tidal energy harnesses the movement of ocean water to generate, In 2008, 420 solar home systems of 200 Wp each were installed on Ailinglaplap Atoll, sufficient for limited, An agreement with Quebec was required to secure permission to transport the, In 1925, the city of Jacmel was the first area in the Caribbean to have, Especially Iceland and Sweden, but also Finland and Norway, have a significant production of, Ukraine has sufficient coal reserves and increases its use in, This method of milk cooling was popular before the arrival of, A hydroelectric power station still generates, Greater tidal variation and higher tidal current velocities can dramatically increase the potential of a site for tidal, Although not yet widely used, tidal energy has potential for future, Higher wind speeds do not automatically result in increased, Offshore wind power refers to the construction of wind farms in bodies of water to generate, The gas can be vented to the atmosphere, flared or burned to produce, Natural gas is a fossil fuel used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and, The other major use for fossil fuels is in generating, A solar photovoltaic power plant converts sunlight into direct current, It is the site of the world's first commercial nuclear power station to generate, Wirral Council said that they had had difficulty finding a ranger prepared to live without mains, During 1928, the studio was sold to Ludwig Blattner who connected it to the, Early buses, known as trolleybuses, were powered by, Sri Lanka has already banned importing filament bulbs because of high use of, In technical usage, a replaceable component that produces light from, The rated input power does not indicate the effectiveness of the cleaner, only how much, Thomson was awarded the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the conduction of, The Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary have the potential to generate more renewable. Diamond differs from graphite in being a bad conductor of electricity: it becomes positively electrified by friction. Change your bulbs. The transformer was an important part of Tesla’s alternating current (AC) system, still used to deliver electricity today. (endless, unlimited, limitless) " He needs to deal with his restless energy. He also discovered similar successive orders of induction in the case of the passage of frictional electricity (Trans. The streets are lighted with electricity; and there are electric street railways and telephones in the city. Thomson, 1892); Joubert and Mascart, Electricity and Magnetism, English translation by E. Atkinson (London, 1883); Watson and Burbury, The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism (Oxford, 188.5); A. Probably some run down shack without electricity or running water - and how much of the 40 acres was vertical? Translations of the phrase MAKE ELECTRICITY from english to spanish and examples of the use of "MAKE ELECTRICITY" in a sentence with their translations: The corporations that make electricity are like other businesses. We try our best to collect and create good sentences and wish you can make progress day by day! Besides their ordinary condition all bodies are capable of being thrown into a physical state in which they are said to be electrified or charged with electricity. A battery with a sufficient number of cells is connected to these two electrodes so as to pass a current through the mercury vapour, negative electricity proceeding from the mercury cathode to the iron anode. Static electricity definition is - electricity that consists of isolated motionless charges (such as those produced by friction). Example sentences with the word energy. Hence the total electric flux due to a charge Q through an enclosing surface is 41rQ, and therefore is zero through one enclosing no electricity. Let us then suppose that a conductor originally at zero potential has its potential raised by administering to it small successive doses of electricity dq. These surfaces are called "equipotential" or "level surfaces," and we may so locate them that the potential difference between two adjacent surfaces is one unit of potential; that is, it requires one absolute unit of work (I erg) to move a small body charged with one unit of electricity from one surface to the next. What is the correct way to express what I am trying to express the second sentence? It’s also simply a broad term for anything that uses electricity. With all the important work he accomplished in physics - the enunciation of Boyle's law, the discovery of the part taken by air in the propagation of sound, and investigations on the expansive force of freezing water, on specific gravities and refractive powers, on crystals, on electricity, on colour, on hydrostatics, &c. - chemistry was his peculiar and favourite study. Electricity definition is - a fundamental form of energy observable in positive and negative forms that occurs naturally (as in lightning) or is produced (as in a generator) and that is expressed in terms of the movement and interaction of electrons. 4 The illumination of these scales is interesting as being the first application of electricity to the illumination of astronomical instruments. - Chemical change or chemical action may be said to take place whenever changes occur which involve an alteration in the composition of molecules, and may be the result of the action of agents such as heat, electricity or light, or of two or more elements or compounds upon each other. Rayleigh developed laboratory courses in heat, Of the energy consumed, 85.7 percent was in the form of, They are on all the time and use a colossal amount of, Each household will get six kilolitres of water and 20 kilowatts of, Since 1987, the government has subsidized the use of, The campus generates some 40 kilowatts of, Water constitutes cost-free energy for generating, The scheme requires producers of renewable, The programme is designed to benefit all households or residential units in Johannesburg, provided their, Water power will again turn the mill wheel and drive the turbine to provide, Why should I worry about how many amperes of, They in turn are at the mercy of the power companies for, Each month, the City provides six kilolitres of water free to all households and 50 kilowatts of, It is not known whether the premises have a working, They will also be afforded the 50kWh of free, A hydrogen-powered car painted with the film could potentially convert enough energy into, The former control tower, which included an officers' mess, has no, The sleek, three-pronged turbines swivel to face the oncoming tide, generating up to 35 kilowatts of, I am considering installing a wind turbine to generate the, Wholesale gas prices leapt fivefold over the past few weeks and wholesale, Also, since solar power is not produced at night, a wind turbine can provide the, The Liberals have a comprehensive plan to generate five per cent of Canada's, The coveralls are designed to reduce the possibility of static, For the anoraks, there are also graphs on both companies' homepages which show how much, We would only need about 30 turbines for the 70 million kilowatts of, The energy charge, measured in kilowatt-hours, is for the actual, Highly efficient conversion of heat power into, There will be no point in building a wind farm in Lewis unless the, When complete, the wind farm will produce enough, Would you suggest that we liberalize our markets like the, Think of the analogy of an electric wire carrying more, All the other rooms were lit by candles and kerosene, seeing as their building had not been wired with, On visiting the Ancestral Perch last weekend, the pending ethics upgrade of our, Homes in south Wiltshire were left without power after, Motorists watched in amazement as a 30 ft fountain of water caused an explosion on the, Three days later she was found dead at her home by a visiting, Most of the breakdowns happened because of power outages caused by salt spray on. The dynamical series of stages in nature, the forms in which the ideal structure of nature is realized, are matter, as the equilibrium of the fundamental expansive and contractive forces; light, with its subordinate processes - magnetism, electricity, and chemical action; organism, with its component phases of reproduction, irritability and sensibility.'. For one kind of meat we could substitute another; wool could be replaced by cotton, silk or fur; were our common silicate glass gone, we could probably perfect and cheapen some other of the transparent solids; but even if the earth could be made to yield any substitute for the forty or fifty million tons of iron which we use each year for rails, wire, machinery, and structural purposes of many kinds, we could not replace either the steel of our cutting tools or the iron of our magnets, the basis of all commercial electricity. Sentence Examples . If you rub two materials together you may get an electric charge. Turning to practical applications of electricity, we may note that electric telegraphy took its rise in 1820, beginning with a suggestion of Ampere immediately after Oersted's discovery. Computers use a lot of energy, and when they stay plugged in you're wasting both energy and money. The notion, however, that electricity is atomic in structure was definitely put forward by Hermann von Helmholtz in a well-known Faraday lecture. Translations of the phrase MAKE ELECTRICITY from english to italian and examples of the use of "MAKE ELECTRICITY" in a sentence with their translations: Which make electricity taxation rather simple to … fan - a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces. ", 1 Clerk Maxwell had already used in 1873 the phrase, " a molecule of electricity. The subject of pyro-electricity, or the power possessed by some minerals of becoming electrified when merely heated, and of exhibiting positive and negative electricity, now began to attract notice. The study of electricity he took up in 1746 when he first saw a Leyden jar, in the manipulation of which he became expert and which he improved by the use of granulated lead in the place of water for the interior armatures; he recognized that condensation is due to the dielectric and not to the metal coatings. Electricity is applied through a separate locomotive attached to the head of the train, or through motor carriages attached either at one end or at both ends of the train, or by putting a motor on every axle and so utilizing the whole weight of the train for traction, all the motors being under a single control at the head of the train, or at any point of the train for emergency. In 1729 Gray made the important discovery that some bodies were conductors and others nonconductors of electricity. Besides the breadth of its scope, in which the American census stands unrivalled, the most important American contribution to census work has been the application of electricity to the tabulation of the results, as was first done in 1890. Bloxam), Modern History of Gunpowder (1866), Gun-cotton (1866), On Explosive Agents (1872), Researches in Explosives (1875), and Electricity applied to Explosive Purposes (1884). 4th Grade. Every tube of electric force must therefore begin and end on electrified surfaces of opposite sign, and the quantities of positive and negative electricity on its two ends are equal, since the force E just outside an electrified surface is normal to it and equal to a/41r, where a is the surface density; and since we have just proved that for the ends of a tube of force EdS = E 1 dS', it follows that adS = a'dS', or Q = Q', where Q and Q' are the quantities of electricity on the ends of the tube of force. Whilst no small amount of observational work has been done in these new branches of atmospheric electricity, the science has still not developed to a considerable extent beyond preliminary stages. We are now in a position to understand why electricity should be used as a source of heat in making molten steel. For overhead travellers in workshops, and for most of the cranes which fall into our second class, electricity as a motive power has already displaced nearly every other method. Using the correct fuse is important. If, however, we defined the strength of the source by the statement that the strength divided 1 The beginner is often puzzled by the constant appearance of the factor 47r in electrical theorems. Matthiessen, sodium ranks fourth to silver, copper and gold as a conductor of electricity and heat, and according to Bunsen it is the most electropositive metal with the exception of caesium, rubidium and potassium. The program would generate a lot of new jobs. By the time electricity reaches you, it’s likely to have travelled hundreds of kilometres through the grid. The power is out. Hydropower plants use flowing water to spin a turbine connected to a generator. When a liquid undergoing evaporation is contained in a closed vessel, a molecule which has left the liquid will, after a certain 1 Other processes also help in the conduction of heat, especially in substances which are conductors of electricity. (adjective) An electric guitar. This shows that some bodies are conductors and others non-conductors or insulators of electricity, and that bodies can be electrified by friction and impart their electric charge to other bodies. : A non-conductor can be charged by induction by exposure to an electrostatic field that is present on a surface charged with static electricity. It is a very dense form of carbon, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Among the schools may be mentioned the magnificently equipped Rhenish-Westphalian Polytechnic School (built 1865-1870) and the school of mining and electricity, founded in 1897. Meter cheating means tampering with the electricity meter so it doesn’t record how much electricity is being used or trying to bypass the electricity meter completely. The electricity is partly furnished by hydraulic works at Paderno, 24 m. He published many physical memoirs on electricity, the dilatation of liquids by heat, specific heats, capillary attraction, atomic volumes &c. as well as a treatise in 4 volumes on Fisica di corpi ponderabili (1837-1841). Thomson also developed this hypothesis in a profoundly interesting manner, and we may therefore summarize very briefly the views held on the nature of electricity and matter at the beginning of the 10th century by saying that the term electricity had come to be regarded, in part at least, as a collective name for electrons, which in turn must be considered as constituents of the chemical atom, furthermore as centres of certain lines of self-locked and permanent strain existing in the universal aether or electromagnetic medium. The above is a statement of Coulomb's law, that the electric fores at the surface of a conductor is proportional to the surface density of the charge at that point and equal to 41r times the density.3 See Maxwell, Electricity and Magnetism, vol. The notion then formed of the nature of electrification was something as follows: All bodies were assumed to contain a certain quantity of a so-called neutral fluid made up of equal quantities of positive and negative electricity, which when in this state of combination neutralized one another's properties. Hydroelectric energy, also called hydroelectric power or hydroelectricity, is a form of energy that harnesses the power of water in motion—such as water flowing over a waterfall—to generate electricity.People have used this force for millennia. Scientists have also learned how to generate, or create, electricity. The train lurched forward, the gentle hum of electricity soon pushing her into a near-doze, until the train lurched to a halt. The sealing-wax so treated is electrified negatively or resinously, and the glass with positive or vitreous electricity. Lenz (1804-1865), 1 Amongst the most important of Faraday's quantitative researches must be included the ingenious and convincing proofs he provided that the production of any quantity of electricity of one sign is always accompanied by the production of an equal quantity of electricity of the opposite sign. Here are some examples. - Michael Faraday, Experimental Researches in Electricity (London, 1844 and 1855); W. Caoutchouc is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, and alone or mixed with other materials is employed as an electrical insulator. 326326 Streetcars run on electricity.CK 1 1652009 Tom's house doesn't have electricity.Spamster 1 2335213 The cabin had no water or electricity.Hybrid 1 388354 She thought that he was wasting electricity.CK 1 1293101 We lost our electricity because of the storm. The application of electricity to purposes of manufacture and transportation made the waterfalls and rapids in which the country abounds the source of an almost unlimited supply of energy capable of easy distribution for industrial purposes over wide areas. 2. Walking or biking to work every day is a great opportunity to get in some exercise. The city is lighted by gas and electricity, - it was one of the first cities in the United States to adopt electric lighting, - and has a good watersupply system, owned by a private corporation, with a 41 acre filter plant of 18,000,000 gallons per diem capacity and an additional supply of water pumped from deep wells outside the city. This charge is heated, like the filaments of a common household electric lamp, by the resistance which it offers to the passage of a current of electricity induced in it by means of the core C and the frame EEE. Electricity outlets and switches should always be cool to the touch - if the aren't call a technician to fix it for you and NEVER touch it yourself. Generate definition is - to bring into existence: such as. Thomson and Tait," as it is familiarly called ("T and T" was the authors' own formula), was planned soon after Lord Kelvin became acquainted with Tait, on the latter's appointment to his professorship in Edinburgh, and it was intended to be an all-comprehensive treatise on physical science, the foundations being laid in kinematics and dynamics, and the structure completed with the properties of matter, heat, light, electricity and magnetism. The electricity is solely a source of heat, free from the faults of the older sources which for certain purposes it now replaces. We have then a very important theorem as follows: - If any closed surface be described in an electric field which wholly encloses or wholly excludes electrified bodies, then the total flux through this surface is equal to 47r - times the total quantity of electricity within it.'. She felt two tiny bites on her arm, and suddenly electricity flew through her. Just as electricity can make magnetism, so magnetism can make electricity. Make sentence by using electricity word Ask for details ; Follow Report by Neetaddewasi 03.11.2019 Log in to add a comment electric charge in a sentence - Use "electric charge" in a sentence 1. The falls of the Hudson here furnish a fine water-power, which is utilized, in connexion with steam and electricity, in the manufacture of lumber, paper and wood pulp, women's clothing, shirts, collars and cuffs, &c. In 1905 the village's factory products were valued at $4,780,331.