This range is perfect for many types of food storage from the pantry to the fridge, keeping food fresher for longer. A. For example, if you only have large food storage containers, saving a couple tablespoons of salad dressing in a two-quart container is hardly space-efficient. For cleaning, the containers are dishwasher safe. — Tierney McAfee, Product Tester, Safe for microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. Razab 30pc (15 Containers) Glass Food Storage Containers Airtight Lids -$69.99. The best glass container set The Pyrex 18-Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set containers stack neatly and are very durable. This might be the quickest, cheapest solution (at least if your family eats a lot of … The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. AmazonBasics Glass Locking Lids Food Storage Containers, The 13 Best Kitchen Tools for a First Kitchen in 2021, Best for Leftovers: These 32-ounce glass containers are great for pantry storage since the lids clamp on tight and seal completely to keep pests and dust out. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Freshware 16 oz Plastic Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids - Restaurant Deli Cups, Foodsavers, Baby, Bento Lunch Box, 21 Day Fix, Portion Control, and Meal Prep Containers (Pack of 36) 4.5 out of 5 stars 9,890. EasyLock Rectangular Food Storage Container With Lids 6 Set 1.15l /38.9 Oz Safe VonShef Food Container Set 7pc Oven Microwave Safe Glass Storage Air Vent Lids George Olivier Stackable Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids Set of 5 Certain foods, such as tomato-heavy dishes or curries containing turmeric, can stain plastic food storage containers. Reusable Food Storage Lids. Stack the lids separately to save space. When your little one has outgrown these containers, they’re handy for storing small amounts of herbs, spices, freshly squeezed lemon juice, or pre-prepped garnishes for your favorite recipes. Square White Food Storage Containers and Lids Food Storage Containers are ideal for preserving fresh ingredients, cooked items, or even leftovers. Reusable Food Storage Lids. The containers are oven safe to 752 degrees, so they can handle the heat of kitchen ovens with ease, or they can be used to reheat food in the microwave. While plastic containers may be convenient, they aren’t always the best choice. Aluminum. Our expert, Jessica, explains: "Having a variety of sizes helps make storing food and packing meals so much easier.". This type of food storage container is made from sturdy glass — Pyrex, for example — with a plastic snap-on lid. Quality containers for a low price. Recyclable, and doesn't contain BPA. There is also one 3.3-cup square container. We've also talked to registered dietitian Jessica Cording to get the lowdown on food storage containers. The lids are not oven safe, but they can handle the microwave if they’re vented and can be used in the refrigerator and freezer. Breakable, so must be handled with extra care. Stands out for versatility; can be used for storage and food prep in the microwave or oven. In that same vein, you can’t conveniently store a pot of stew you made for the week if you only have single-portion food containers. In fact, the dish garnered high marks from several reviewers for its versatility: it’s perfect for make-ahead French toast casserole, for bread pudding, and for all kinds of casseroles. These containers usually cost a bit more than food storage containers with snap-on lids. The price you pay for food storage containers depends on a number of factors, including size, material, and whether you're buying a set or individual containers. The EasyFindLids™ System Lids snap to bases and other lids, and fit multiple containers; bases easily nest for convenient storage. BPA free. Many food storage containers are marked with colored measurement graduations. The round containers include one 3.1-cup, one 1.6-cup, and one 0.7-cup container. Unlike plastic, certain glass containers can go from freezer to microwave or oven to table, for example. The set includes one 27-ounce container, one 40-ounce container, and one 74-ounce container, so you won’t have to use multiple containers for large quantities. Our expert, Jessica, says: "Foods seasoned with turmeric and other brightly colored ingredients (like beets, for example) may stain many plastic containers when reheated in them. ", "They’re airtight and watertight for safe storage and for transporting food to potlucks and parties. If you want to take food on the go, the extra weight could be a problem. A. Basic plastic food storage containers come with snap-on lids and can hold a range of wet and dry foods. Avoid using a container that’s larger than you need, as the air trapped with your food can cause it to go bad faster. "Includes both round and rectangular shaped containers with matching lids. This ten-piece set consists of one 1-cup bowl, two 2-cup bowls, one 4-cup bowl, and one 7-cup bowl—so you’ll always have the right size for storing everything from leftover stew to pre-made salad. If your glass container doesn’t say it’s tempered or strengthened, it’s probably untreated, or just regular old glass. Get it … This includes pasta, beans, cereal, and more. Glass containers range from big (like for your lasagna) to itty-bitty (baby food). ACCEPT. Sets typically offer some value and allow you to build up your kitchen quickly. Glass food storage containers can be placed in the oven (without the lid) to reheat food. We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. The kinds of storage you want to do will also influence what kind of lid or seal the container has. If you regularly pack leftovers for your lunch at work, microwave-safe food storage containers makes it easier to heat up your meal, as you don't need an additional plate or bowl. Locking containers can generally be found in plenty of sizes, both round and square. ", "Covered with a silicone sleeve that cushions and insulates the container for safer storage. Food Storage Containers. Glass food storage containers can be placed in the oven (without the lid) to reheat food. Easy-stack food storage containers have special ridges around the edge of the lid. This tempering process also means that the glass is less likely to shatter. 3.6 out of 5 stars with 46 reviews. and give us feedback about your visit today. Comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Here, we list the best glass storage containers that are free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC to help you find the perfect fit for all your storage needs. Below, we investigate the options. It may be better to reheat those foods in glass containers.". These containers are generally quite heavy.