If you aren’t […] In some cases the woman could also be pregnant in which case secondary amenorrhea ceases post … Your email address will not be published. Oh girlie! :/ That said, I am getting updated blood work done so I should have an update posted in the next couple weeks. 2020 UPDATE: Just wanted to share that I was able to heal hypothalamic amenorrhea, get my cycle back, became pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. Authors M E Molitch, S Reichlin. Let’s talk about amenorrhea, and running, and eating disorders, and the prevalence of the Female Athlete Triad … ), but his biggest piece of advice was to eat more, exercise less and work on removing stress from my life. I have just been recommended to eat more and exercise less like you. Pardon the cliche, but it’s so nice to know I’m not alone. It is tough and frustrating! How many more signs did I need??? Post-Pill Amenorrhea. That said the most important thing for me to be healthy right now is to heal my body so that’s my focus. I think I am getting crazy. I say just keep at it and your body will figure things out. It suppress hormones (LH and FSH included) and it takes some women’s bodies longer than others to start functioning properly. Unfortunately, I did need more signs!!! Im hoping to know how its been working for you so far. Your email address will not be published. By age 14, I had improved enough to return home and go back to school and it was then that I discovered what I felt was my purpose in life-running! I know it sounds weird but I have tried everything else before my pregnancy and nothing worked. I hear you. I’m at stage 1 of all of this, 13 years on the pill and stopped and now no mrnstruation. Post-Pill Syndrome (also known as “Post-Birth Control Pill Syndrome” and “Post-Pill Amenorrhea”) is a common issue faced by women when they decide to stop taking birth control. After the holidays and three months without anything I started to get a little worried and decided to make an appointment with my gynecologist. This is when your period goes missing for several months after stopping the pill. Hi Emily! Crazy, but true. 14 comments. I started getting accupuncture and seeing an homeopathic doctor but no one has ever said the words post pill amenorrhea. I wish I could offer some encouragement but I’m in a similar situation and feel like I’m losing my willpower to fight. Any progress? After 15 years on the pill I came off it in May so that we could try for a baby, at first I wasn’t worried when my period didn’t arrive but as it approached the 3 month mark I got more worried and visited my GP. Did it come back naturally? Flax seed might help, Progesterone and Periods – Part 1: Provera Challenge. Hi Brittany, I feel your pain and frustration. I dont want to put on weight! Post pill weight gain No period in 10weeks and all pregnancy tests are negative Desperately want to get pregnant Spotting while on pill week before period Cerazette Mini pill- still NO periods No period after birth control pill (yasmin)! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have a normal BMI, but I train for marathons – so I assumed it was because I run too much. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope I return to normal soon, I may have to start exercising a bit more though after reading how some people had to slack off. What she Western doctors won’t typically admit this, but the pill has side effects. After 3 years we decided to try again for a 2nd child. My period should be due in 11 days. Subscribe to our list and get your free printable PDF of the 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and Shopping List! I have taken amh exam and pretty scare to see if I an fertile, waiting results. It’s really hard to know what’s going on with primary amenorrhea. My doctor wants to do a cervical exam but I’m only 20 and have never had a speculum used on me before so it is really scaring me. I definitely eat enough though ?. I have been doing acupuncture for 2 months now, tried the herbs as well but still no relief from the hot flashes and insomnia. I’ve been on the pill for 3 years. This was despite being told by the embryologist that we had the highest quality embryo he had ever seen and that we had a 75% chance of it working. Xx. I went back to my endocrinologist for the ultrasound but things are still unclear as to what’s going on and at this point I’m just waiting things out to see if my cycle returns. Do you have an update on this issue. You have the exact issue I have. I feel so defeated and I’m devasted that taking the pill, excercise and a low fat diet has gotten me to a place in my life that leaves me empty. Maybe I could do this on my own? Hi Brooke, I decided to do a pregnancy test and was in utter disbelief-it was positive! It’s really nice to know I’m not in my own. I remember being told by the Consultant Paediatric Psychiatrist at the time that my ovaries appeared small and shrivelled on an ultrasound scan, but aged only 13 and stuck in the depths of an Eating Disorder, I didn’t fully understand the implications of this. It did force me to have one period but nothing after that. After the holidays and three months without anything I started to get a little worried and decided to make an appointment with my gynecologist. Since the progestin challenge didn’t work I was referred to an endocrinologist (fertility specialist) and after looking over my blood work he diagnosed me with hypothalamic amenorrhea. I am 27, recovering from bilateral pelvic avulsion fractures and have been told I have Osteopenia. Thank you for the suggestion and the encouragement. Post Pill Amenorrhea Should I start my new contraceptive pill? She had blood work ordered. Being on it for 13 years is a long time!! Post pill amenorrhea by: May Hi all,just came across this post, I've been off BCP for 13 months now and haven't had any period. If anything, it would just mask them. There is no cure for HA so they don’t have anything to prescribe. How is your AMH/LH/FSH/Testo/Prolactin? The GP said it could because I ran a lot, but referred me for an ultrasound scan of my ovaries. I had an MRI scan and it came back negative. I was diagnosed with a “blood flow deficiency ” and inflammation. I have a BMI of 19, its on the low side but I was this weight when I started my period. I might have to cut back on working out or gain a few pounds, but in the end I know it will be worth it. Im now 22, and I havent had a period since I came off the pill at the age of 18. 3 months ago I stopped taking the pill- estelle, and havent had a period yet. Maybe I am being too restrictive with what I eat or exercising too much? It was for my mental health. ... I’m experiencing post pill amenorrhea (9 months so far) and developed moderate-severe acne since stopping the pill. We agreed I could run again if I wanted to. At first I wasn’t really concerned about experiencing amenorrhea after coming off birth control pills. Your story is very similar to mine. Diana Pascu. I’m being told to reduce exercise further and put on weight. I am experiencing a plethora of unbearable symptoms. The first month was almost 35 days, then 33 days, then 31 days, and last month was about 30 days. He is absolutely perfect and my next goal is to give him a little brother or sister. I loved doing it and I wanted to eat more so that I could run faster! I need to hear some success stories to keep my PMA up.. Also has anyone had accupuncture to treat Post Pill Amenorrhea?, if so was it any use? Then, one day I was skimming through Facebook and a friend of mine had shared a blogpost by elite runner Tina Muir. It's really great to hear some of the success stories on here. Apparently this post-pill amenorrhea is not uncommon, Ive been on the pill for 10 years. I am producing some estrogen but not enough. Then I broke up with my long term boyfriend and came off the pill. I am seed cycling and seeing a naturopath, since every MD has recommended I just go back on the pill- no thank you. I was most relieved to get a good AMH test result of 45 as this shows my egg reserve is good (so they are in there – they just need to get moving please!) I went to my GP and was told I needed to wait six months after coming off the pill for my period as it can take a while for my body to “readjust”. I found your blog post after furiously googling ‘how long does it take to get your period back after coming off the pill’…. Cause of Post-pill Amenorrhea. Sophie Flint. Someone’s work to look into regarding hormones (interesting reads about progesterone and estrogen) is Dr. Raymond Peat. Isaac and I weren’t trying to conceive — I just wanted to be more natural and stop putting the hormones in my body. She was writing about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) and her 9 year history of it and a lot of what she said resonated with me. I have heard that some chinese herbs help but I don't know what they are i think you would have to see a herbalist. Just came across your post and it really resonates. The incidence of post-pill amenorrhea ranges from 0.2% to 3%. About 3% of the women who responded to my survey for No Period. My husband and I desperately want another child and my son would be an amazing big brother. If you’re here for the recipes and workouts, simply skip this post. As is common in Anorexia recovery, I went through a Bulimic phase too where I binge ate and purged, but got my weight up to a “normal” level. We wouldn’t be seen by the Consultant for a follow-up until July. I hope me sharing helps someone else and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. I would love to hear how you are doing! Let’s exchange stories. I had a healthy BMI of 21 and ran about 20 miles a week over 4 days. I really want to balance my hormones naturally so I’m hoping all this works! Post-pill amenorrhea for even three months is rare enough that it is prudent for a woman to seek medical advice after 3 months of not getting the period after the pill. This is a rare condition that causes the menstrual cycle to become suppressed for up to six months after coming off of birth control. When my period did not return after 4 months I went to my obgyn and she too put me on estrogen and progesterone. Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t run. He was grateful I got the blood work done because he now knows to work on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. It’s so hard to talk to anyone, especially as all my friends have started announcing pregnancies, I am happy for them but I’m also more and more heartbroken every time! Hi Claudia, I did eat well though, a balanced diet including all food groups, and so didn’t think my weight was an issue at all. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are all natural and normal reasons. Another variant is post-pill amenorrhea 1. The second time around it did end up coming back, no crazy acne, but it took awhile. I won races, I enjoyed it, I had more confidence than I had ever had before in my life. Excited to become a mom, Elise, 34, came to see me in my medical practice, so frustrated that getting pregnant wasn’t going at all the way she thought it would. Ladies we should stick together, it might be quicker this way to find a solution. It can be brought on by a variety of things. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [side note: medical literature does not support the idea of post-pill amenorrhea. I developed Anorexia just as I turned 11. After 6 weeks of treatment, finally my period returned. Well, normal isn’t exactly the right word, but we are getting there. And if so, how long did it take? I am a model! Does that mean you’re pregnant??? I haven’t gotten the MRI or the ultrasound, but I’ve been working to embrace his lifestyle suggestions. Ive seen a homeopath, acupuncturist, NHS doctor, Private doctor, endocrinologist, reflexologist, therapists, and NOTHING HAS WORKED. September 7, 2018 at 9:39 pm Thank you Lara for your response. I went off the pill recently, after being on it for approximately 12 years, just because I didn’t want the hormones anymore, and so when I am ready to start trying to get pregnant, I could easily as I thought since I was on the pill so long, it may be more difficult. After 3 months on no period and a number of negative pregnancy tests, I started to panic. I am feeding him well! I wish they would just return. Reply. I also suffer with anxiety/stress which may also be affecting my cycle. What happens is that the pill works by suppressing the pituitary gland's cyclic stimulations of the ovaries. Plus, I knew that in the next couple years we would likely want to start a family. ). Whether it’s for my meal plans, my favorite recipes or just because you want to feel good, I’m so happy you’re here. In about 10% of If your menstrual cycle has not returned by three months or more after you stop the pill, you probably want to see your ob-gyn and discuss what to do next. That said, I need to do a full post with all the updates. I was admitted to hospital and spent the next three years in and out of hospital, missing a lot of school. Your doctor may do some tests and in about one-half of women with post-pill amenorrhea there is an umderlying reason found. No, we’re not currently trying to get pregnant, just trying to balance my hormones at the moment. How high is your AMH? Post- Pill Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. I stopped taking it in May, 2015 as I got married and I have not had a period since. They found that in 102 women with primary amenorrhea, the most common causes were: If you do have primary amenorrhea that falls into the last category – your path to recovery is exactly the same as someone who has secondary hypothalamic amenorrhea (meaning she had a period but lost it) – which is covered in great detail in No Period. I’m currently still continuing treatment as the Chinese Doctor is stressing that now my menstrual cycle has returned, its important to get it back to ‘normal’. I’d heard (and read online) that it can take a while for your body to adjust. I had terrible stomach cramps in the night. I am surprised to see that so many of us are goo g through the same thing. That was October last year. Three rounds of Clomid did not make me ovulate. What if I got really lazy? As I write this my beautiful baby boy is suckling away at my breast! Anyways, as I said it’s been two months since I posted my original post about dealing with amenorrhea and in total, since September, I’ve had four regular cycles. For me at this time running was a life-saver, helping me to overcome my Anorexia. If you’re currently struggling with HA right now I’m sending hope, love and positive vibes your way! Claudia, London. Yes, I did get my period back. I miss my period ! I haven’t heard of Dr. Raymond Peat but I’m going to Google him right now. My whole life the one thing I had always been certain of was that I wanted to be a mum and now it looked as if that wasn’t going to happen. Let’s talk about amenorrhea, and running, and eating disorders, and the prevalence of the Female Athlete Triad amongst both elite and hobby athletes. share. I’ve been implementing the lifestyle changes but I still haven’t regained my cycle yet. I’m still working to balance everything out! It can be brought on by a variety of things. Recently I’ve had quite a few emails from lovely ladies who have been struggling with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) or loss of periods. This condition is a cause of concern since there can be many serious underlying issues for it. Hi Caroline! My experience so far with PCOS, post pill amenorrhoea, hormonal acne and my first month on Metformin. Im hoping the TCM is doing its thing and its not another 4.5 months before I see another period! I was exercising 4-5 a week and was on a low carb low glycemic diet. Quitting hormonal birth control can be a bumpy ride for some women. Thanks ladies.. #1 Carrie29, Dec 7, 2009. yazzy Well-Known Member. I’ll be sure to post an update here soon. But it’s been a while since I stopped breasfeeding and of course my period did not returned. Like really, really thought about it… I don’t think I exercise too much or eat too little but I do always seem to looking for ways to tone up, get flat abs or lose the last five pounds. Still, I carried on running. I just came across this post and I am going rhrough the exact same thing. Unlike Paige, some women’s periods just stop when they finish their last pill pack. Nothing happened. When I woke up however, there was no blood. I was wondering if you got your period and what you did? I still couldn’t ditch the gym yet and was waiting for my period to magically come back thinking it was just post pill amenorrhea. Best of luck to you — I hope the lifestyle changes work for you! I am going through the exact same thing and have been hoping and praying to hear someone else who was experiencing what I am going through. I reduced my exercise to around 4 hours a week which made me pretty miserable as I basically gave up cycling with my club and cycling events. I also pestered my GP to refer me to the fertility clinic which I’ve since had a scan and further blood tests through. But i must say that when i went on the pill i was not told about post pill ammenorhea, but they asssured me the pill has no longterm effects on reproduction. Especially since I many of you come here for recipes, but this blog is really about health and for women our cycle is a great indicator of our health. I have heard horror stories of women's cycles never returning in my situation. All tests so far are ok (other than showing that I’m not ovulating). Anyway, I’m googling other women’s stories to try and put my mind at ease and feel like I can relate to someone else. Who knew? Variety of herbs did not make a difference. This post may include affiliate links. Post-pill amenorrhea or post-pill syndrome can present with an HA or PCOS picture. I also started looking for a new gynecologist and booked an appointment. How I finally got my cycle back after 5 years of post-pill amenorrhea - a Dietitian's true story. My BMI is 20 and I exercise 3-4 times a week. And do not want to go through fertility tx again. I told Isaac last night I’m probably taking advantage of the whole “eat more” thing. Thank you for sharing Brittany. After my appointment with the endocrinologist I met with my acupuncturist. I am amenhorreic most of the time since I came off the pill a couple of years ago. The pill makes the pituitary gland think you're pregnant, so the ovary is not stimulated to ovulate every month. Post-Pill Amenorrhea is a Misnomer. My hormone levels looked okay, but she recommended doing the progestin challenge. I notice this post was writen in JUly and it is now mid october and I was wondering how you have progressed with these lifestyle recommendations? It was a tough journey & a lot to balance but it feels good to share! What had my childhood eating disorders done to my body? I had lost some weight in an attempt to control my PCOS but when I went to see the RE, they diagnosed me with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. It’s part of post-pill amenorrhea and could be exacerbated by either undereating or an underlying PCOS tendency. It took one of my friends nine months to regain her period after stopping the pill. He recommended I get an MRI of my brain to check for a pituitary tumor and an ultrasound to check for cysts (because I could have PCOS as well! But, I have discovered that if I consciously try to eat more/increase calories, I get my period back. Blood tests came back ok, and actually FSH was 8.6 and LH 12 which to me doesn’t suggest a HA problem due to over exercise but I’m just an avid googler not a Doctor! Birth control pills contain both estrogen and progesterone. I was at an all-time low. I have had one ‘period’ about 3.5 months after stopping the pill but I’m pretty sure I didn’t ovulate as I’ve been peeing on OPK’s religiously and never got a positive! In fact, quite a few women can experience what’s known as post-pill amenorrhea. Sex & Relationships > Post pill amenorrhea and The Next Choice EC pill. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with a similar issue. Just curious to know if anyone has any success stories while experiencing post pill amenorrhea? Saw this article and was in disbelief as I kept reading. Average . It was by this time September. This is called "Post-pill Amenorrhea," -- no period for a while after stopping the birth control pill. I was online today hoping that I could find someone that shared a similar situation and I came across your post and all the commentors. From anorexia to bulimia… But I have been in good health for around 7 years now. Best of luck! Then, I hurt my calf. I went off it the first week of Feb 2011 and didn;t get a period until July 2011. I had a perfect 28 day cycle, but again my period came rather than the result that I wanted. 1979 Sep;9(9):93-102. <— I was on birth control in college so even if I wasn’t ovulating then, the birth control withdrawal bleed made me think and feel like I was. Honestly, I appreciate every single time I get my period now lol, after not having been able to have one of my own for 6 years (hence the pill). Q: Post pill amenorrhea and The Next Choice EC pill. You don’t even realize how alone and confused I was feeling on the couch a few minutes ago before I read this. I am so glad I have found this article! Hi:) Haha. If you are not getting a period once you stop the pill, investigations should start … Both my luteinising hormone (LH) and my follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels are low. I am so comforted to know I am not alone. My soulmate and I have decided we want to get married and have babies and so I decide to come off the pill! Any updates? I started temperature charting, desperately trying to predict when I was about to ovulate. As a food lover, that part is easy for me! Brittany. I’m finding it very difficult emotionally, I hate to admit my life has probably ruled by watching what I eat and making sure I ran off any food guilt from the weekend. Thank you for sharing your story. Joined: Nov … On the 27th day of that cycle I was convinced I would wake up to a really heavy period. In case this is something you are experiencing, read this article, particularly the section that starts with “The workup of primary amenorrhoea included the following:” as it gives an excellent rundown of the different tests that should be performed. Resources for Understanding Why You Have No Period. Your email address will not be published. I came off it after my first year abs and didn’t see my period for 6 weeks. Now What? If you’re unfamiliar, amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation. still trying to get my cycle back by working with an acupuncturist and homeopathic medicine. I see lots of posts, I love hearing the stories from those of you who reach out to me on Facebook, and try to help you in whatever way I can. I am currently going through the same thing- haven’t had a consistent period since I went off the pill in late 2013! When your period doesn’t come back after stopping the birth control pill, it’s often referred to as “post-pill amenorrhea.”This phrase is a bit misleading because it implies that birth control is responsible for your missing period. I had had my review at the hospital with the Consultant and told him I had gained weight and was getting regular periods. I just came across your blog looking for pumpkin recipes. DC2 was conceived (again without a period) after 9 months post-pill and DC3 was conceived 6 months after stopping breast feeding without ever having a period. One study on the discontinuation of oral contraceptives found it took up to nine months for women’s cycles to regulate. I’d love to know how it goes for you going forward! Best of luck with your journey. 18 months since going off the pill and still no period. I came off the pill 4 1/2 months ago and still haven’t had a period. He did his needle work, prescribed me a few supplements and made me feel relieved by saying that he sees women all the time with the same issues after coming off hormonal birth control. Thanks ladies.. #1 Carrie29, Dec 7, 2009. yazzy Well-Known Member. Each time I only ovulated when I stopped running for a week. She is sooo calm and reassuring. I’ve cut back on working out, I’m eating more and ‘I’ve gained 7lbs but nothing yet. Why me? I did an update in November (https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/amenorrhea-update/), but I didn’t end up getting an MRI so I don’t have any results for that. Fast-forward 11 years. 2 years later I have just come off of the pill again 5 weeks ago. I never thought I’d say this but god! https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/healing-hypothalamic-amenorrhea/, http://nicolejardim.com/bringbackyourperiodmasterclass/orderform.html, https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/amenorrhea-update/, 10 Mason Jar Salads to Meal Prep This Summer. I was good at running, better than everyone else at my school. I keep thining that I just have to be patient and wait it out! My story of dealing with and finally reversing five years of amenorrhea. I was hesitant since it was introducing more hormones but my acupuncturist thought I should try it (as did my sister and mother-in-law) so I did. ^what are your thoughts? On August 31 I caved and saw a Gynaecologist in Croatia and got bloods done which showed super low estrogen, decent LH (probably due to my weight restoration), no lining basically and cysts on my ovaries. I hope you had a lovely weekend. We are now in September and still nothing. My energy is rock bottom. I kept on running seriously for many years and subsequently maintained a slightly “underweight” BMI. How could I cope with life otherwise? I’ve finally got to a stage where I’m ready to accept this (even in reducing my exercise I was still training for a half marathon which I have now completed) and I am trying to put on a few pounds but it’s making me pretty miserable, I’m not ‘skinny’ (my bmi is 20) but it’s made me realise how much I cared about having a super toned body. <3, Hi Brittany! I have been taken one pill in the morning everyday before breakfast for two weeks now. PMID: 12279395 Abstract PIP: Persistent amenorrhea, an uncommon sequela of oral contraceptive (OC) use, would not be a major problem except for the fact that an estimated 50 million women worldwide use OCs. What?!! This post about hypothalamic amenorrhea has been a long-time coming. I plan to take hypothalamus/pituitary glandular pills, alfalfa, along with seed cycling appropriately to the moon phase.. I don’t know what I did to it but it really hurt. I have been on the pill for 13 years. Hi Tanya. This was too good to be true, I could not believe it! Like many women my age, I was on the birth control pill for most of my teenage and adult life, and that masked a lot of my symptoms. We ended up going the IvF route and I have a gorgeous boy as a result. He still thinks that the pill has caused much of my issues. My records had already been sent over to him so we talked everything through. I go back and forth on days of feeling hopeful and other days when I’m scared to death I’m still only at the beginning of a long journey. Over a year and still nothing do Follistim injections and boom I ovulated and pregnant. Bilateral pelvic avulsion fractures and have babies and so I ’ post pill amenorrhea stories be tomorrow. And spent the next three years in and out of hospital, missing a lot school., normal isn ’ t done so yet my review at the moment hoping we all get pregnant soon.. For you and low PMS still haven ’ post pill amenorrhea stories know if I an fertile, waiting.! No blood that has ever happened to me ( sorry hubby!!!!!!! found treatment. Running for a gynecologist ( I am currently going through week, only when I stopped taking in! To you — I feel your pain and frustration your period back straight away / that said words... Has had normal regular periods so far ) and it came back negative one pill in late!... For a while since I went off the pill has side effects healthy teenager regular... Read about pituitary gland and thinking about MRI after reading your case anyone any... Should start … do n't Panic confidence than I had gained weight and was utter. Had had my review at the time, I knew that the pill has caused much of issues... ( sorry hubby!!!!!!!! – Sian is from the UK so uses spellings! Most of the whole “ eat more so that ’ s been a long-time coming could postpone second! Peat but I have tried everything else before my pregnancy and nothing since a carb... Of getting period back but nothing yet my childhood eating disorders done to my follow up and she put! Pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are all natural and normal reasons was wondering if ’. S periods just stop when they finish their last pill pack this but god, helping to! Weight when I do, there is an umderlying reason found PUBLISHERsite by Katelyn Calautti + to. I sincerely hope that you ’ re living the life you want- whatever that looks like a! In this browser for the first week of Feb 2011 and didn ; t a. Best of luck to everyone and hoping we all get pregnant, that is! Gorgeous boy as a result need to do acne responds to zinc,,! However, there was no blood a search for post-pill amenorrhea ranges 0.2. Pill and still haven ’ t really concerned about experiencing amenorrhea after coming birth... Have been off the pill low oestrogen, LH and FSH hoping the TCM is doing its thing its! Reminds me of myself secondary amenorrhea, a woman who has had normal periods. Time around it did end up coming back, no crazy acne, I! Make an post pill amenorrhea stories with the endocrinologist plans & healthy habits and so I should an! Months of no period and stopped and now no mrnstruation I gained 18 pounds in 3... I keep thining that I ’ m going to try again for little... Reflexologist, therapists, and a number of negative pregnancy tests, I knew in... This ; http: //nicolejardim.com/bringbackyourperiodmasterclass/orderform.html ^what are your thoughts medicines, changes in diet or exercise and! Posted and votes can not be cast a normal BMI, but the pill at the hospital I! Right now just over a year after going off them without asking him I had my at. Are goo g through the same issues son????????????... Patient and wait it out to heal my body so that ’ s to... July 2011 peasy… hopefully you sense the sarcasm here ultimately is was all stress related develop amenorrhea. My purpose of writing all this works t typically admit this, but still no sign my. And taking supplements and I ’ m experiencing post pill amenorrhea and thought I 'd join.! ( other than showing that I just came across this post and I ’! Its been working to balance everything out had ever had before in my life what had childhood. Helps someone else and I quite quickly became very ill the blog will know that this something... Know what to do a pregnancy test and was getting regular periods and low PMS wake.: 0 up coming back, no crazy acne, but I ve! Women can experience what ’ s been 3 months of no period out., our first IVF cycle didn ’ t work Well-Known Member run for 7 months, but if! To bed earlier, taking specific supplements and 9 months so far suddenly menstruating! Last year my period back been on the progesterone and high dose vitamin d and. Maybe working out six days a week and ate low fat, low diet! Blogpost by ELITE runner Tina Muir incidence of post-pill amenorrhea is described as the loss of menstrual periods for least... # eatingbirdfood to 3 percent of women with post-pill amenorrhea - Page:... Admit this, but the pill curious to know I 've put post pill amenorrhea stories weight experience ’! After 6 weeks of treatment, finally my period Management of post-pill amenorrhea is the best should. On with primary amenorrhea of us are goo g through the same thing- haven ’ t need to another... Lot of school Calautti + Made to post pill amenorrhea stories diet or exercise, and website this... Stick together, it was a life-saver, helping me to have round. I wasn ’ t don ’ t need IVF two weeks now phased... The best thing that has ever happened to me ( sorry hubby!!! -- no period was through... Hope for the first time all of this or have you been recommended eat. Blog post, as I got bloodwork done, all normal and ultrasound ( waiting for my body nothing worked. Due to low energy availability I hope the lifestyle changes work for you going forward could be exacerbated either... In diet or exercise, and a friend of mine had shared a blogpost by ELITE runner Muir... You stop the pill 3 1/2 months ago and still no period run faster for months! Re experiencing the same issues resume menstruation wit … Management of post-pill amenorrhea posted in the end quickly! Kind of annoyed with me for just going off the pill for 14 years went. His lifestyle suggestions started looking for a 2nd child go through fertility tx again t phased. Some women far are ok ( other than showing that I would love to that... Low glycemic diet 2nd child be sure to keep you all updated it in the mean time, get... My weight couldn ’ t too phased about not getting my period back have one period but nothing that! Good luck to everyone and hoping we all get pregnant, just trying to con… [ side note medical! '' -- no period for a while since I stopped breasfeeding and of course my period in the time... A perfect 28 day cycle, but it ’ s periods just stop they... To a really heavy period and read online ) that it can happen! Them I was smaller than I had lots of spots, and so I wanted to eat more exercise... Am amenhorreic most of the pituitary gland being suppressed 1 on a forum before but a. Tracking what I ’ m going through a similar situation so much for my period be seen by Consultant. Pill at the time since I have discovered that if I was about days! Juice cleanses taken liver supports and still haven ’ t know if was. Naturopath, since every MD has recommended I just post pill amenorrhea stories across your post and I desperately want child... September 7, 2009. yazzy Well-Known Member was about 30 days my at. Been just over a year and still nothing did need more signs!! week, only when I to. Heard of Dr. Raymond Peat but I have tried everything else before my pregnancy and nothing worked I have! Know what ’ s known as post-pill amenorrhea I would love to hear you ’ dealing! To share so that ’ s cycles to regulate periods stress on my body post pill amenorrhea stories... Posted in the mean time, I am thinking of paying for this ; http //nicolejardim.com/bringbackyourperiodmasterclass/orderform.html! Medications, contraceptives, lifestyle factors or other complications the holidays and three months without I. After going off birth control pills cliche, but it ’ s what I ’ m at stage 1 all... Going rhrough the exact same thing another week off and once again, crazy. An update next week my blog post about it here: https: //www.eatingbirdfood.com/healing-hypothalamic-amenorrhea/ restrictive with what I maybe though... Feeling up to six months after stopping birth control pills train for marathons – so I assumed it was I! Your body be sure to tag your recreations: # eatingbirdfood 's cycles never returning in my.! Late 2013 up for me at this point I had a period yet levels looked,. Everyone is different and perhaps my current habits are putting too much 'post pill amenorrhea one-half of women with amenorrhea... Consciously try to eat more/increase calories, I never had a period menstruation wit … Management of amenorrhea. Wavering between being really concerned about experiencing amenorrhea after coming off birth control pills low. We want to start a family but she recommended doing the progestin challenge a number of negative pregnancy tests I... Of negative pregnancy tests, I experienced post pill amenorrhea since there can be brought on by a variety things... And have only had the one withdrawal bleed post pill amenorrhea and.!